2 comments on “Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Olmecs

  1. I was thinking of taking a month long holiday sometime in 2016 that includes the Mayan, Incas, Aztecs, Olmecs and Easter Island. I was wondering how much a trip that this one would cost me, and what kind of travel advise would be helpful to myself from experienced travellers.

    • G’Day Darryl, Cots will vary dependent on what you want included, standards of accommodation and where you are coming from. From Australia most month long trips to Central and South America will set you back between 10 and 15 thousand on average including flights .. and that’s based on individual travel or at least a 4 star tour programme. Backpacking or budget tours may save you a bit initially but personally .. If I have only a month to do what will amount to 3 or more countries, id prefer to have it all laid out and as many expenses paid as possible.

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