Oman Day Tours and Desert Safaris

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Please note that all below tours listed show departure days based on the Seat In Coach Tours. These Tours can all be operated on any preferred day on a private basis.

Half Day Muscat City Tour, Day of Operation: Monday, Wednesday. The tour begins by driving through the beautiful embassy quarter of Muscat en route to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. We stop to visit the mosque, a splendor of unique Islamic architecture*. We drive to Muttrah, a delightful quarter of Muscat. Step into the fish market, stroll along the Corniche to admire the beautiful merchant houses and experience the shopping in its busy souk, well known for its silver craft shops, perfumes, souvenirs and much more to buy. The tour continues to the Old Town where we proceed on foot, strolling around Portuguese forts Jalali and Mirani and Qasr Al Alam, the Palace of HM Sultan Qaboos. Our next stop is Bait Al Zubair Museum with its wealth of information and exhibits on the country’s culture, tradition and heritage. *Dress Code: Loose long trousers or long skirts, long sleeves and a head scarf for ladies. No shorts for men.

Full Day Tour Nizwa, Day of Operation: Thursday. We start with a spectacular drive through the Hajar mountains via the oases of Fanjah and Birkat Al Mauz to reach Nizwa and the impressive 17th century Fort. Then on to the Nizwa Souk famous for its Bedouin silver jewellery. The drive continues via Tanuf and Bahla to Jabreen, to visit one of Oman’s most beautiful forts, famous for its wall and ceiling murals. Return to Muscat.

Full Day Tour Rustaq, Day of Operation: Tuesday. Join our tour for a relaxing day out which starts with a visit to the fish market and souk in Barka as well as a visit of An Naman Castle, a fortified house where the Imams used to overnight during their journey to the interior. From Barka the drive continues along the famous Batinah plain, the main agricultural area of Oman. Then on to Al Hazm, where we pass by the impressive Fort (currently under renovation), before stopping for a photo at Rustaq Fort. The tour passes along picturesque wadis (dry river beds) and we  reach the oasis of Nakhl, with time for a visit of Nakhl Fort. Before returning to Muscat we visit the natural warm springs of Thowarah.

Half Day Salalah City Tour, Day of Operation: On Request. Discover the Capital of Dhofar with first of all a visit to the Salalah Frankincense Museum, to learn about the history, culture and traditions of the Dhofar Region. Adjacent to the Museum is the archeologically important site of the old Port city of Al Baleed. Drive through the Salalah Gardens, rich in coconut, banana, papaya etc. Stop at the footprints of Prophet Saleh’s sacred camel. Continue to the Gold Souk to discover a variety of oriental gold and silver jewellery. Walk past the palace of H.M Sultan Qaboos and arrive at the Frankincense Souk where the fragrances of the Orient come together.

WONDERS OF NATURE (Western Dhofar Tour)
Half Day Western Dhofar Tour, Day of Operation: On Request. This tour drives across the northern part of the impressive Qara mountains and heads south where the mountains are greener, to reach Hiob’s Tomb, visited by Islamic pilgrims. Returning towards Salalah town, via the famous frankincense road that leads to the border of Yemen, there is a photo-stop at the frankincense trees. After visiting Mughsail Beach, renown for its blow holes, the tour returns to Salalah.

FRANKINCENSE TRAIL (Eastern Dhofar Tour)
Half Day Eastern Dhofar Tour, Day of Operation: On Request. Our first stop is Ayn Hamran, located at the foot of the Qara Mountains, with its natural springs, rich plants and flowers. Continue the tour, passing by the homes of the camel farmers, who provide the camel meat that is so popular in Salalah. Make a stop at the fishing village of Taqah on the way to Sumhumram. In Sumhumram we see the ruins of this old frankincense port city and its storage areas. Before returning to Salalah, we drive into Wadi Dirbat, a large wadi, rich in water, animals and birdlife.

DESERT AND WADI (Wahiba and Wadi Bani Khalid)
Full Day Safari Wahiba and Wadi Bani Khalid (4WD), Day of Operation: Wednesday. Our 4WD vehicles take you through the fascinating Hajar Mountains and the town of Ibra to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of Oman’s most beautiful wadis (dry river bed), famous for its lush green oases, water pools and deep canyons. The tour proceeds to the Wahiba desert for an exciting dune drive. Visit a camel camp and gain an unforgettable experience of the Bedouins way of life. Picnic lunch en route. On the way back to Muscat there is a final stop at the village of Mudairib to see its traditional watchtowers.

THE GREEN MOUNTAIN (Off-road Tour to Jebel Akhdar)
Full Day Mountain Off-road Tour to Jebel Akhdar (4WD), Day of Operation: Tuesday. We start in the morning and drive from Muscat to Fanjah. We stop at Wadi Fanjah and continue to Birkat Al Mauz. Passing the Fort that used to guide the entrance to Jebel Akhdar, we proceed up the most impressive mountain of Oman. Villages are scattered on the mountainside with picturesque houses built of stones from Jebel Akhdar. The area is well known for its diverse agriculture. Small terraces with fruit trees, cherry blossom, peach flowers, pomegranate, garlic and much more create an amazing palette of colours and scents throughout the year (depending on the season). With temperatures being considerably lower than in other parts of Oman, the Saiq plateau is famed for its abundance of roses used for rose water and perfumes. Return to Muscat late afternoon via Birkat Al Mauz. Lunch is served in Jebel Akhdar Hotel.

THE MOUNTAIN OF THE SUN (Nizwa & Jebel Shams)
Full Day Nizwa & Jebel Shams (4WD), Day of Operation: Monday. Enjoy a great day out driving through the fascinating Hajar Mountains and the oases of Fanjah. In Nizwa we visit the famous 17th century fort and the souk with its excellent Bedouin jewellery. Continue to Misfah, a village seemingly hewn out of rock. After the visit of Misfah, we drive up to Jebel Shams, the ‘Mountain of Sun’. From a height of nearly 2000 metres, you will have an outstanding view deep into the ‘Grand Canyon of Oman’. The next stop will be in the picturesque Al Hamra, one of the last loam villages in Oman. Picnic lunch en-route. Return to Muscat.

MOUNTAIN FASCINATION (Off-road Tour Quriyat and Wadi Arabeen)
Full Day Off-road Tour Quriyat and Wadi Arabeen (4WD), Day of Operation: Thursday. The tour starts on the road from Muscat to the coastal town of Quriyat, then moves off-road to continue on a mountain track through the Eastern Hajar Mountains. After passing through a wadi bed with lush green palm gardens there is a break at the natural water pools of Wadi Arabeen where a picnic lunch is served. The journey back to Muscat passes via Wadi Al Mazarah and Wadi Miah.

Full Day Wadi Off-road Tour (4WD), Day of Operation: Saturday. This tour will bring you closer to nature by first of all a visit of the Nakhl oasis and a photo-stop at the impressive Fort, you then proceed to the famous warm springs of Thowarah. Continue the tour and enter the off-road track through lush plantations of palm trees and small mountain villages to the Wadi (dry river bed) Bani Auf, through which we drive towards the village of Bilad Sayt. After picnic lunch, we continue to Wadi Sahtan. Travel through a narrow gorge and reach some secluded wadis famous for their rock paintings. Return to Muscat.

THE COASTAL CARAVAN (Off-road Tour Wadi Shab)
Full Day Off-road Tour Wadi Shab (4WD), Day of Operation: Wednesday. From Muscat you first head to the coastal town of Quriyat, famous for its beautiful beaches. Then onto a photo-stop at the ‘Sinkhole’ : part of a mountain that has collapsed and filled with sea water. Drive via the White Beach and Wadi Shab to the picturesque village of Tiwi. Picnic lunch en route. After lunch proceed to the historical site of Bibi Myriam, before returning to Muscat. Option: drive to Sur the take the tarmac road to Muscat.

DESERT WONDER (Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner)
Half Day Desert Safari with Barbecue (4WD), Day of Operation: Monday. Driving off-road a dirt track meanders through the fascinating Hajar Mountains to Wadi Abyad, famous for its water pools (which fill up when it rains). The tour proceeds to the desert for an exciting dune drive. Return to Muscat after the barbecue dinner.

Full Day Jebel Qamr Tour (4WD), Day of Operation: On Request. Passing Mughsayl Beach we start our drive through the Jebel Qamr mountains. Have a look at the Frankincense Trees, for which Dhofar is so famous. The drive continues on steep curved roads carved on the side of the mountains, with fabulous views into canyons and wadis as well as views of the sea below. Drive through the occasional cloud when we reach heights of up to 1’200 metres. Drive down to Al Howta Bay, with its beautiful beach area and enjoy the magnificent view of the Shaat mountain. Picnic lunch en route.

THE LOST CITY (Ubar and Rub Al Khali)
Full Day Ubar and Rub Al Khali (4WD), Day of Operation: On Request. Drive north and cross the Nejd Area, home of the best frankincense in Dhofar. Continue to the desert and enjoy an exciting drive through the desert dunes of Khadaf, at the outskirts of Rub Al Khali, The Empty Quarter. Our next destination is the famous excavation site of Ubar, the former flourishing trading centre for frankincense. On the way back to Salalah, pass through the Wadi Sahanwoot, on the way making a stop at Wadi Dawkah, the UNESCO Frankincense Nature Reserve. Picnic lunch en route. Rub Al Khali Tour continued. Optional: Camp overnight in Rub Al Khali, where we reach an area with sand dunes reaching 200 meters. Enjoy a dinner under the starlit sky and marvel at the complete silence of the desert. Igloo tents, mattresses and sleeping bags are provided. Light breakfast is served in the morning before returning to Salalah.

Full Day Jebel Samhan & Wadi Dirbat – Taqe (4WD), Day of Operation: On Request. Drive through Taqa village and reach the entrance to Wadi Dirbat. Ascend into the Wadi – home for an amazing variety of plants, trees and flowers. The Wadi offers grassing and water for cattle and camels and is surrounded by steep walls of rock. Continue to the astonishing Taqe, believed to be the longest cave in the world and view from the top.On Jebel Samhan we stop for a fantastic view of the Dhofari Coastline and the Indian Ocean. Lunch en route.

CULTURAL DAY TOUR (Qara Mountains & Wadi Sahanwoot)
Full Day Qara Mountains & Wadi Sahanwoot, with visit to a local family (4WD), Day of Operation: On Request. Enjoy a day out into the mountain, providing valuable insights to the local culture, flora and fauna. Drive via the Qara Mountains and Wadi Sahanwoot to visit a local family in the mountains. Continue via the Haloof (rocky) mountains to Wadi Ayoun, to view its natural greenery and beauty (photo-stop only). Our last stop is the Hiob’s Tomb, visited by Islamic pilgrims. Lunch en route.

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