Luxury Cabin Charter 2 (7n/8d)

A Gulet is the perfect way to explore Turkeys Mediterranean Coast

A Gulet is the perfect way to explore Turkeys Mediterranean Coast

Day 1 : Fethiye Marina
Welcome and pick up at the airport. Check in 15:00pm. Reception and welcome on board with a soft drink. Distribution and occupation of the cabins. Bookings for the shore excursions are offered. All outstanding issues will now be happy to answer. Let yourself be spoiled by our crew, enjoy the atmosphere in the evening and look forward to an exciting, unforgettable trip.

Day 2 : Fethiye – Ölüdeniz
The tour starts early in the morning, enjoy the wind and the first impressions of the coast. We anchor in a beautiful cove for lunch. The tour continues to the Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz. This is considered the most beautiful stretch of beach in Turkey with crystal clear turquoise water and a snow-white, gently sloping pebble beach. The water in the lagoon surface is so smooth and quiet that the natives of the bay the named “Fethiye” (“Dead Sea”). It is anchored in Gemiler, extend directly from the Byzantine ruins in the hills of the island. A walk through the ancient site is worthwhile not only because of its beautiful view. Sturdy footwear is essential. Dinner and overnight in the bay.

Day 3 : Oludeniz – Agalimani
Enjoy today, once again the incredible beauty and relaxing ride to the Aga Limani bay, which lies in the Lycian city with its monumental tombs Lydea. Night in this beautiful bay.

Day 4 : Aga Limani – Ekincik 
The day begins with a two-hour drive to Ekincik a bay near the mouth of the Dalyan River. You can glide with small boats through the meter-high reeds and then get on the marshes after Dalyan. It features the famous royal tombs and much more.

Day 5 : Ekincik – Gocek Marina
Göcek has helped with its natural harbor a justified reputation and thus to a privileged status. The port and old town exude a pleasantly peaceful atmosphere. Göcek is one of the most beautifully situated ports of Turkey. Nestled in a wild-romantic landscape with a crystal-clear sea, beautiful anchorages, many small islands and secluded bays.

Day 6 : Göcek Marina – Tersane Bay
At daybreak we continue to Tersane island in the Gulf of Fethiye. Tersane translates as “shipyard”. The Greeks, who formerly lived on the island were shipbuilders. The tradition of shipbuilding on Tersane goes back to the Byzantine period. Remains from this era to paint the picture. At the southern tip of the bay lie the ruins of the ancient city of Arymaxa the source of the ancient river Xanthos was founded. Dinner and overnight in the bay of Manastir.

Day 7 : Golf of Fethiye
Enjoy one last time, the passing beautiful scenery during a sun bath, or make yourself comfortable with a cool drink on the yacht. We drop anchor at the “red island” as Kizilada is also called. This island is uninhabited, only one lighthouse adorns the backdrop, there are other buildings here. Wild animals crossing the road on a walk on the beach or across rough terrain. There are lots of rabbits, lizards, turtles, and with some luck you can even see one of the oldest wild bezoar goat species. In the evening you will arrive in your output port of Fethiye. Named after the son of Apollo, Telmessos, that city was considered important oracle in ancient times. Overnight in Fethiye harbor.

Day 8 :  Fethiye Marina
One last time, breakfast on board. Farewell crew and other passengers. Check out 09:00 clock – Transfer to the airport – or if you’re lucky – to your hotel. In return flight in the afternoon or evening, the luggage can be kept in the office. (No liability for the contents of baggage) Time for last minute shopping, or walking.

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