Ollyantambo, the Sacred Valley is a regular site for tourists visiting Cusco to explore

Peru is a vibrant, thriving, and breath-taking country. Filled with natural and historical wonders there is something for everyone in this truly incredible destination. Almost anyone around the world can point out Machu Picchu and it is well worth visiting, but there is far more to this destination than one single ancient city.

Peru is home to some of the headwaters of the Amazon, and accessible for fantastic river cruising – a unique way of exploring the Amazon Jungle. There are natural wonders and fantastic wildlife encounters down near the Ballestas islands, and in the west is the gateway to Tikal one of the worlds most incredible lakes.

Machu Picchu is the most visible sign of the Incas in Peru, but Chiclaya and Trulijio are also sites of interest, in fact that is where they discovered what is sometimes termed the “King Tut of South America”. The colonial past of Peru is visible everywhere from Lima, to Cusco to Arequipa.

So if you want to encounter a destination that has a little something for everyone, why not consider Peru.


Extended Tours
Peru Express (4n/5d)
Luxury Peru (12n/13d)
History, Culture & Nature In Peru (13n/14d)
The Secret Of The Inca Empire: Culture & Tradition (7n/8d)
Across The Andes (7n/8d)
The Essence Of The Andes (6n/7d)
Discovering The Incas (5n/6d)
Magical Peru (10n/11d)
Southern Cross (13n/14d)
Peru : An Ancient Country (10n/11d)
Irresistible Peru (9n/10d)
Ancient Cultures Of Peru (14n/15d)
Andean Origins (9n/10d)

Regional Tours & Short Stays
Lima Complete (3n/4d)
Lima At A Glimpse (2n/3d)
Cusco & Surrounds:
Basic Cusco (2n/3d)
Imperial Cusco (3n/4d)
Complete Cusco (5n/6d)
Sunrise At The Sacred Valley (3n/4d)
Cusco, complete Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu (5n/6d)
The North:
Northern Route (2n/3d)
Northern Empire (3n/4d)
The South:
Puno & Titicaca Lake Islands (3n/4d)
Paracas (2n/3d)
Paracas At A Glance (1n/2d)
Paracas & Nazca (2n/3d)
Puno & Suasi Island (3n/4d)
Arequipa and Colca Canyon (3n/4d)
Arequipa At Glance (2n/3d)

Lodges & Jungle Stays
Puerto Maldonado: Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica (2n/3d)
Puerto Maldonado: Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica (3n/4d)
Puerto Maldonado: Rainforest Refugio Amazonas (4n/5d)
Manu Wildlife Center (3n/4d)
Iquitos: Ceiba Tops Lodge (3n/4d)

Special Interest Tours
Lima Culinary Peru (3n/4d)
Adventures in the Land of the Incas (4n/5d)
The Trail Of The Incas, A Family Tour (7n/8d)
Peru: A Profound Cultural Perspective (9n/10d)
Tapestry Of Flavors (8n/9d)
Relais & Chateaux, a Tour of Indulgence (9n/10d)

Trekking In Peru
The Inca Trail (3n/4d)
The Route Of The Incas (8n/9d)
Kuélap: from Chiclayo to Cajamarca (4n/5d)
Huayhuash Trek (10n/11d)
Huaraz At A Glance (3n/4d)
Los Cedros-Alpamayo-Santa Cruz Trek (9n/10d)
Andean Lodges: Camino del Apu Ausangate (4n/5d)
Trek to Choquequirao (4n/5d)
Lares & Machu Picchu Trek (3n/4d)
From Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek (8n/9d)
Mountain Lodges: Salcantay – Machu Picchu Trek (6n/7d)

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