Felucca moored at one of the many Islands in the Cataracts to the north of the High Dam in Aswan

Felucca moored at one of the many Islands in the Cataracts to the north of the High Dam in Aswan

Allworld Journeys is a Travel Wholesaler dedicated to providing individual and small group travel to a number of destinations across the world. Our Individual programmes encompass over 50 destinations in Africa, South and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, with our Group Programmes and Specialist Programmes extending even that range.

Allworld Journeys is not just about getting you to a destination, but is about helping you discover what that destination truly has to offer. We have recently begun to release our “Grand Tours” which are packages designed for those with the ability to travel for extended periods of time – such as those on long service leave or the retired – but we are also able to help those with limited time truly get to see some of the best highlights of their intended destinations, and we are able to tailor visits to suit desires. If you want basic accommodation in Egypt, we can do it – even if we don’t personally recommend it. If you want to stay in Palaces and Forts in India, we can do it – but remember, sometimes unique comes with a price tag you may not realize.

With access to so many unique destinations Allworld Journeys also has access to a number of fantastic river cruise and sailing opportunities, and not always what you may expect, covering the Mekong, Amazon, Yangtze, Bhramaputra and the Nile to name a few of the waterways we cover.

We also provide tour and event services for those that want to get out and experience true cultural and regional events around the world including Inti Raymi (Sun Festival) in Peru, Naadam the Traditional Horse and Games Festival, Seana Santa in Guatemala – the celebration of Easter, which is handled far differently then what most Australians are used to, and many more. So if you have had a hankering to see the Annual Migrations in the Serenget, to attend Anzac Day at Gallipoli or watch the Monarch Butterfly Migrations in Mexico, give us a call to see how we can assist you.


Our Staff

headshot clear frame smallerDaniel Spierings: Daniel has been working in the travel industry since leaving school, and has managed to travel to some of the worlds most incredible and sometimes unlikely destinations. Daniel has been lucky enough to have been able to experience a wide range of facets of the industry including retail, wholesale, corporate and representational work. These days Daniel is the driving force behind a lot of the individual itinerary and travel preparation for Allworld Journeys, and enjoys the creativity and thrill off being able to help people truly experience a destination, for the first time or the tenth. Daniel also works as the co-coordinator for all travel to global events for Allworld including Semana Santa in Guatemala, Inti Raymi in Peru, and Anzac Day in Gallipoli.

Daniels’ visited destinations include Egypt, Libya, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, India and Turkey, to name a few of the places he has managed to be able to get to .. so far


Local Roots, Global Reach

Whether you are looking to Travel through the Middle East, South East Asia or anywhere in our network of touring region you can be assured that you will receive the same personalised caring touch that you do when booking with our staff. Like us, they are specialists with a love for their profession and deep roots in their local communities.

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Pictured Operations Managers (Left To Right): Amar Sharma (India & The Sub-Continent), Anvar Makhmudov (Uzbekistan & Central Asia), Monica Jing (China), Nagui Guagori (Egypt & The Middle East), Nguyen Viet Trinh (Vietnam & South-East Asia)

Over the course of decades we have built our network of like-minded partners with matching goals, desires, ethics, reliance on trust – and it is with these, our “Brothers and Sisters”, our family abroad, who run the day to day operations of every tour or programme you book aboard, with who we entrust with your safety as much as we do our own.

Allworld Journeys is owned and operated by Allworld International Pty Ltd. ABN 79 002 385 980



In Memorium

Dennis Weatherall: Dennis was a travel industry veteran, having started his career with Qantas and having worked in a number of roles including most recently Managing Director of Allways Travel, and then for a time Allworld International. Dennis had traveled extensively around the globe including destinations many don’t usually think of as their first port of call (such as North Korea),. Dennis was also our “Battlefield Specialist”, and had been running Battlefields of the World for over a decade , and was proud to be one of the very qualified members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides (UK), something which is not achieved with much ease! Sadly Dennis passed away in 2020, and while his loss is felt by all who knew him, the legacy of his work remains.

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