Garden Of The Buddhas at Xieng Khonane

Garden Of The Buddhas at Xieng Khonane

Almost forgotten this quiet country is truly reminiscent of a bygone era, with its blend of French colonial architecture, Buddhism and Hindu heritage. This almost sleepy country is a true gem here in Asia. Not only are the sights incredible but the people are extremely warm and friendly

From the Plain of Jars to the ‘Wats’ you will encounter in the cities to the ancient ruins, Laos exhibits an extraordinary cultural history. From the people living in the cities to the Hill Tribes Laos shows an incredible thriving cultural diversity. A visit to Laos is truly a visit to a different world


General Tours:
Vientiane Stopover (2n/3d)
Luang Prabang Stopover (3n/4d)
Pakse Stopover (3n/4d)
Laos, Heart Of Culture (4n/5d)
Majestic Laos (4n/5d)
Laos Unveiled (5n/6d)
Treasures Of Laos (4n/5d)
Laos Astonishing Architecture (5n/6d)
Legendary Laos (5n/6d)
The Lost Cities (6n/7d)
Incredible Laos (9n/10d)
Special Laos (10n/11d)
Laos Expedition (7n/8d)
Laos Magic (5n/6d)
Laos Impressive (5n/6d)
Laos Highlanders (10n/11d)
Surprise Laos (8n/9d)
Taste of Laos (11n/12d)
Unseen Laos (9n/10d)
Laos Unknown Hill Tribes (13n/14d)
Laos Forgotten Valley (13n/14d)

Special Interest:
Laos Trekking Trip (2n/3d)
Biking Around Luang Prabang (5n/6d)
Laos Kayaking Magic (2n/3d)

Multi Country Tours:
Indochina Treasures (15n/16d)


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