Berber Kingdoms Of Tunisia (3n/4d)

The Mosque of Sidi Uqba in Kairouan

The Mosque of Sidi Uqba in Kairouan

Day 1 Kairouan to Tataouine
We depart early in the morning from your resort hotel for our first stop in the Holy City of Kairouan – a UNESCO World Cultural site. Walk around the Great Mosque, the Mosque of the Three Doors in the Medina and Kairouan’s souks. Travel south to the maritime oasis town of Gabes for lunch and visit the spice market there. Your journey continues via Medenine (the area is dotted with ksars, the local name for the Berber fortresses, and ghorfas, which once housed the grains of the Berbers) to Tataouine. Dinner and overnight at a 3 star hotel in Tataouine.

Day 2 Berber Country
After breakfast we arrive on market day in the authentic Tunisian town of Tataouine. Then travel to Ksar Ouled Soltane. Located on a hilltop, it is one of the biggest ksars (a fortified granary) in the region, and a popular tourist destination because of its well-preserved granary vaults. Some of the slave-quarters scenes in the Star Wars film “The Phantom Menace” were shot here. Continue your journey through Berber country to the mountain village of Chenini. The oldest structures on the hillside date back to the 12th century. Some of the buildings are still used to store grain for the villagers living in the valley below. Lunch is taken in Chenini and then we travel on to a deserted Berber village at Douiret featuring a distinctive white cemetry. We make our way deeper into the desert to Ksar Ghilane for your night under the stars. Choose where you would like your dinner and overnight accomodation at time of booking: (Luxury camp or Traditional Bedouin camp)

Day 3 Matma and El Djem
After breakfast we travel to Matmata for a visit to a Troglodyte Cave Dwelling and the Hotel Sidi Driss (which featured as Luke Skywalkers home in the film Star Wars). Stop in Mahares for lunch. Your journey continues north via Sfax (Tunisia’s second largest city) to the Roman Coliseum at El Djem. After visiting the Roman Amphitheatre we take you back to your resort hotel.

Day 4, Sfax
Morning visit to the world-famous Bardo Museum, full of colourful mosaics with detailed scenes of Roman life and mythology. Study a section of the Carthage aqueduct at wadi meliane, where the water channel emerges from ground level to be carried on graceful arches across the Oued Meliane. Continue to the nearby ruined city of Oudna, once one of the largest in North Africa, but only now being excavated. Retun to your hotel.

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