Essential Bolivia (7n/8d)

Tiwanaku, also known as Tiahuanaco

Tiwanaku, also known as Tiahuanaco

DAY 1:    LA PAZ
Private transfer from the airport. (by car, van or bus)

DAY 2:    LA PAZ
We pick up passengers from the hotel to visit the famous Witch Doctor’s Market and San Francisco Colonial Church. The tour continues to Plaza Murillo where the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the National Congress buildings are located. Then, we will visit the famous colonial street Jaen where interesting museums are clustered together, followed by a visit to the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. To change scenery the tour continues to the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and La Florida. The tour ends with a visit to the unique Moon Valley, where you will have the opportunity to walk around, and visit a ceramic workshop with a demonstration of the art of pottery.

La Paz – Tiwanaku – La Paz Passengers are picked up from their hotels to visit the epic city of Tiwanaku, the capital of an ancient civilization. Located 72 km away form the city of La Paz and near the south-eastern shores of Lake Titikaka. During its greatest times, the capital of Tiwanaku was the largest in the world and considered to be the Cradle of all American Civilizations. This pre-Inca ruins started endless archeological debates, the most recent radiocarbon 14 tests show that this edifications date back to 1580 B.C. In this ancient breath taking city we will visit the Kalasasaya (Sun) temple, Semisubterranean (Earth) Temple, Akapana Pyramid and the legendary Sun Gate, the tour also takes us to an impressive museum filled with ancient objects and tools that stand as proof of just how advanced this civilization really was.

After breakfast, journey to Sorata, known as the “Pearl of the Andes” and often described as having the most beautiful setting in Bolivia. Sorata serves as a base for hiking throughout the area. PM. A half day walk to the caves at San Pedro. Located 10km from Sorata, the trek will take about 2½ hours walking each way. One of the caves has a small but very deep lake at the end and according to legend, holds Inca treasure. Return to your hotel.

A full day trekking in the Sorata Valley. The Gold Diggers Trail, from Sorata to the Lowlands is still very much in use by the locals, whilst their ancestors, the Incas used the trail to transport gold ore. These paths now provide trekkers a wonderful trail stretching from icy passes to jungle. The Mapiri Inca Trail, is one of the longest Inca footpaths in the Americas and we will trek some part of it today. Return to your hotel.

Journey to Copacabana, close to the border of Peru. Boarding of the boat for an excursion to the Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca. The Isla del Sol is steeped in mythology and is regarded as the birthplace of the Incas. A guided tour of the island including the Inca garden and the fabulous Inca staircase. Return to Copacabana and transfer to your hotel. Visit to the lovely city of Sorata, situated in a valley at an elevation of 2695 m. between the snowcapped peaks of the Illampu and Ancohuma. Its main attractions are the medieval-looking and the narrow cobblestone streets.

La Paz – Copacabana – Sun Island (South) – Inti Wata Complex – Chua – La Paz. Early land transfer to Copacabana Sanctuary, after breakfast we board the Catamaran Cruise Ship, sail to Sun Island, the legendary birth place of the Inca Empire. Visit the Inca Garden, steps and fountain then the Inti Wata Cultural Complex including the Ekako Underground Museum, the traditional medicine and the Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders display centers, the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, a handicraft center, the Intica lounge and at the Manco Kapac look out the largest variety of Andean camelids. Also, the Inti Wata Complex at Sun Island includes a unique sailing experience aboard a huge Titikaka Traditional vessel for a panoramic visit to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace. Catamaran Cruise Ship to Chua harbor, buffet lunch on board and land transfer to La Paz city.

DAY 8:    LA PAZ
Private transfer to the airport. (by car, van or bus)

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