Adventure Trip, Libya (12n/13d)

Mandara Lake

Mandara Lake

First Stage by Jeep Safari

Day 1 Sebha
Arrival to Tripoli – connect to your flight to Sebha in the evening. Overnight in a hotel. Sebha is the largest oasis and the major city in the Fezzan Region; it is situated in the middle of the desert where visitors may spend an enjoyable time in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere between golden sand dunes, green palm trees, clear water springs and the ancient ruins and civilisation that surround it. The modern city of Sebha may be reached via a modern highway network across the desert or by air from Tripoli and Benghazi.

Day 2 – Tekarkiba
Depart to Tekarkiba (160 Kms) in the morning. Continue across sands to Gaberoun Lake, which is surrounded by large dunes. Camping for overnight.

Day 3 – Umm Alama & Mandara Lakes
Morning Tour on Lake – Then visit Umm Alama Lake and Mandara. Overnight camping. This platform of desert dunes, oasis, and lakes is the most natural beauty of all times. Situated on the south eastern side of the Oubari Sand Sea, it is the home of the great lakes in the middle of the desert. The lakes are surrounded by sand dunes. Palms trees surrounding the lake reflect the pure natural colors of the rainbow. One of the lakes, namely Lake Mavo, its water changes from red to blue to green. Lake Gaberoun has marine water saltier than the Dead Sea that reflects the historical background that all this desert was once a very big sea. Visit Mandara Oasis with its palm trees and rest under the shade. Ramlat Dawada is also a nearby Oasis with few palm trees scattered around.

Day 4 – Germa
After breakfast, visit Germa (45 Kms) and the Archeological Museum. Germa was founded by the Garamantes, who belonged to a large Libyan tribe, experienced in desert travelling. The ancient Libyans, who used the feathers as their symbol, recorded their first battles and wars by engraving them on the rocks of the area. The importance of the area as a trade link between Central Africa and the Mediterranean was similarly recorded, as were beautifully executed war chariots and horse carts. In Germa, ancient houses, temples and baths carry the distinguished designs of the different civilisations that existed in this land: ancient Egyptian, Carthaginian, Greek and Roman. Other ruins in Germa suggest civilisations in the area dating back to 5000 B.C. The Garamantes, with the help of their neighbouring tribes, resisted the Roman influence. Their armies reached the fringes of Leptis Magna, hundreds of kilometres to the North. Peaceful relations were not realised until the end of the 2nd century A.D., at the time of Libyan born Emperor Septimius Severus (193 – 211 A.D.). Then proceed to Alwinat (260 Km). After Lunch, proceed to Addad Mountains (40 Km) from AL Awainat. Camping for overnight.

Second Stage On Camels

Day 5 – Addad/ Awies
Visit To Addad Places (Addad in Tuareg language means “finger” as it’s famous with a great mountain similar to the finger), which are rich with engravings of camels. Then visit to Awies touristic mountains, 30 KM far from Addad, (O.N camping).

Day 6 – Tachoyent
Tour will proceed to Tachoyent, 30 KM from Awies, on camels. Camping for overnight. Forzhaga Arch is definitely the largest and most spectacular known arch in the Akakus Plateau. For scale, note the two figures under and just behind the arch. It is estimated to have a 90 foot span and a height of 150 feet.

Day 7 – Telalen Valley
Round trip in Tachoyent on camels. Visit Telalen Valley, which is rich with carvings and engravings. Then back to Tachoyent. Overnight camping in Tachoyent.

Day 8 – Akakus
Depart from Tachoyent on camels up to sunset. Overnight camping in Akakus.

Day 9 – Techerchory
Depart from Akakus towards Techerchory on camels and visit the touristic places on the way. Overnight camping in Techerchory.

Third Stage on vehicles

Day 10 – Ghat
Depart from Techerchory heading towards Ghat town and visit the Castle in the evening. Overnight in Ghat.

Day 11 – Sebha
Depart from Ghat towards Sebha (600Km). Overnight in Sebha.

Day 12 – Tripoli
Depart from Sebha by air – flight to Tripoli.

Day 13 – Djerba
After breakfast, transfer to Djerba airport for your flight back home.


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