Explore Yemen (11n/12d)

Dar al-Haja, known as the Imams Palace

Dar al-Haja, known as the Imams Palace

Day 1: Sana’a
Arrival and assistance; transfer to Hotel. Night in Sana’a.

Day 2: Sana’a/ Wadi Dahr/ Sana’a
Excursion to Wadi Dahr, to the Imam Palace, back to Sana’a, visit of the Old City and the Souqs. Night in Sana’a.

Day 3: Sana’a/ Thula / Hababa / Zakatin / Boukour / Kawkaban / Shibam / Sana’a
Excursion to the most famous villages around Sana’a. Night in Sana’a.

Day 4: Sana’a / Manakha / Hodeidah
Excursion day to the famous fortress villages of the “Jebel Harraz”, around Manakha; Al Hajjara, Al Hoteib, Kahel. Continuation to the Tihama region, to Hodeidah. Night in Hodeidah.

Day 5: Hodeidah / Beit Al Faqih / Zebid / Khawkha / Taiz
Visit of the fish market of Hodeidah ; transfer to Beit Al faqih, the most important market of Tihama.; visit of Zebid, wich was an important cultural and religious center in the 9th century. In Khawkha, visit of a small traditional shipyard. Night in Taiz.

Day 6: Taiz / Jibla / Ibb / Sana’a
Visit of the Imam Museum. Excursion to the “green Yemen”. Visit of the village of Jibla, and the old city of Ibb. Back to Sana’a . Night in Sana’a.

Day 7: Sana’a /Kohlan/Beit Al wali /Sana’a/ Mukalla
Sana’a/ Kohlan /Beit Al wali. Back to Sana’a. Transfer to APT. Flight Sana’a / Mukalla (17:00 / 18:00). Transfer to Hotel. Night in Mukalla

Day 8: Mukalla / Jol / Wadi Do’an (Badha)
From Mukalla, we reach the Jol tableland, to discover the Wadi Doa’n and its typical villages. Night in the heart of the Wadi Doa’an (Village of Badha).

Day 9: Wadi Do’an (Badha) / Al Hajjarein / Shibam / Seyun
End of the visit across this wonderful Wadi, until Shibam,, the “Manhattan of the Desert”; then transfer to Seyun. Night in Seyun

Day 10: Seyun / Tarim / Al Ainat / Seyun
City Tour of Seyun, Visit of the Museum (Ancient Sultan’s Palace), transfer to Tarim, visit of the city and the Old Palaces; Visit of Al Ainat. Night in Seyun

Day 11: Seyun /  Ramlat as sabateyn / Mareb
Across the desert, throught the “Rub Al Khali” we follow the commercial trail of the incense to reach Mareb, the capital of the sabeen kingdom. Visit of all the archeological sites. Night in Mareb.

Day 12: Mareb / Barraqeish / Sana’a
On the road to Sana’a, if possible, visit of Barraqeish, antique city of the Main Kingdom (4th cent. bef JC). We’ll appreciate the ancient monumental writing, carved on the walls. Back to Sana’a. Day use Hotel Arabia Felix. Transfer to Airport.

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