A Taste Of Easter Island (4n/5d)

Local Festival Dance at Easter Island

Local Festival Dance at Easter Island

Day 1 Easter Island
Upon arrival at Mataveri airport, welcome and transfer to your selected hotel. Lodging.

Day 2 Easter Island
Breakfast. Full day excursion visiting the archaeological centre of Akahanga, Rano Raraku quarry where all the existing Moais were sculpted, over 300 Moais in different stages of completion, Ahu Tongariki, with its archaeological ruins of what once was the largest platform until washed away by a tidal wave in 1969, Te Pito Kura, Ahu Ngau Ngau, including picnic lunch on Anakena Beach with its crystal-clear emerald-green waters.  Lodging.

Day 3 Easter Island
Breakfast. During the morning, visit to  Rano Kau volcano, (1,6 km in diameter), the ceremonial village of Orongo with the largest concentration of Petroglyphs with images of Tangata Manu, the birdman, gods Make Make and Komari, fertility symbols and Vinapu. Rest of the day at leisure. Lodging.

Day 4 Easter Island
Breakfast. Half-day sightseeing of Ahu Akivi,  site of the seven Moais overlooking the sea, Caves of Ana Tepahu, among the largest on the island and Pun-a-Pau quarries on the slopes of a volcano and where the reddish topknots were sculpted. Rest of the day at leisure.  Lodging.

Day 5  Easter Island
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.

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