Paracas At A Glance (1n/2d)

Sea life abounds in the region, and the smaller mammals often end up on the menu for the larger ones

Sea life abounds in the region, and the smaller mammals often end up on the menu for the larger ones

Day 1: Paracas – Nasca Lines
Early in the morning, you will begin the four-hour trip to Paracas, a beautiful bay rich in marine life and full of ancient mysteries. Upon arriving, you will stop at the hotel to check in, and then you will proceed to the airport of the city of Pisco. From here, you will begin your flyover of the enigmatic Nasca Lines. Behold the incredible creative abilities of the ancient Peruvians as you discover one of humanity’s greatest mysteries: geoglyphs and lines of colossal magnitude etched in the desert sands by the Nasca people. A monkey, a spider, a hummingbird, and more than 20 other figures occupying an area of approximately 190 sq. miles (500 km²), wait to be admired from above in an unforgettable two-hour flyover. You will have the rest of the afternoon free.
Day 2: Islas Ballestas – Return
You will enjoy the sunrise in one of Peru’s most scenic bays and then take part in a fantastic voyage through the Islas Ballestas (Crossbow Islands), a nature reserve and excellent place to observe close-up the largest concentration of guano-producing birds and sea lions on the Peruvian coast. Along the way, you will be able to see the mysterious Candelabro (a candlestick-shaped figure etched on a sandy hillside, associated with the Nasca Lines). As you approach the islands, Mother Nature will greet you with an impressive display. Thousands of birds, among them Peruvian Boobies and Guanay Cormorants, will drown out all other sounds with their peculiar honks and quacks. Sea lions will take a short break from bumping around on the protruding rocks, or fighting over territory, and will slip beneath the waves to approach your ship in a friendly manner. Return to the hotel. You will have the afternoon free. At the scheduled time, you will return by private transport to the city of Lima.

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