Classical Libya (8n/9d)

The Ruins of Sabratha is just one of two major ancient cities within the region of Tripoli

The Ruins of Sabratha is just one of two major ancient cities within the region of Tripoli

Day 1 – Tripoli 
Upon arrival to Tripoli, you will be met by Stylish Holidays representative and transferred to your hotel for overnight

Day 2 – Tripoli/ Leptis Magna
After breakfast, drive to Leptis Magna (132 km, 1hr 30min). The highlight of any visit to Libya is to see Leptis Magna, now known as Libda. From Berber settlement it became important when it was established as a city by the Caanite ships from Tyre and Sidon in  Phoenicia. In the 3rd century it became an even more important trading port under the Roman Emperor Septimus Servarus. Visit the vast site including the Triumphal Arch, the huge Basilica, the Forum, the Public Baths, the Hippodrome and the Amphitheatre. Spend the evening driving back to Tripoli and have the chance to explore part of the night life by going to one of the local coffee shops which is one of the main social-entertainments in Libya. It is a unique experience you will love to try. Overnight in a hotel in Tripoli.

Day 3 – Tripoli/ Benghazi
After breakfast, transfer to Tripoli airport for flight to Benghazi (1100 km, 1hr 10min flight). Tour around Benghazi at the local souks, churches, old Italian buildings and sea lantern.  After dinner, overnight in a hotel.

Day 4 – Cyrene/ Apollonia
After breakfast, Drive to Cyrene (25 km, 30 min). Have a tour into the Greco-Roman times. This city was part of the 1st century five cities “state” called Pentapolis which was second to the size of Athens. It was founded by the Greeks in 631 B.C. and was later occupied by the Romans and then the Arabs. The interesting sites here are the temples of Zeus and Apollo plus the Byzantine churches. Apollonia (Sousa) was the port of Cyrene and is located 20 Kms north. There you will see the Great Theatre, the Roman Baths and Byzantine Palace. Late noon, trekking along the beach, watching the sunset and visiting some open-air monuments (approx. 2 to 3 hours walking).
Overnight at your hotel.

Day 5 – Qasr Libya/ Ptolemais/ Benghazi
After breakfast, drive to visit Qasr Libya (50 km, 45 min), which houses 50 pieces of mosaic artifact fragments dating back to the 6th Century AD. Then move to Ptolemais (85 km) (founded in the 3rd century B.C., one of the important sites of Penta-polis). Teuchira (65 km, 1hr) or Arsinoe. This Spartan origin city came under Roman influence in 96 BC and flourished further during the Byzantine era. Continue driving to Benghazi (65 km, 50 min). Overnight in a hotel in Benghazi.

Day 6 – Benghazi/ Tripoli
After breakfast, transfer to Beghazi airport for flight to Tripoli (1100 km, 1hr 10min flight). Free afternoon at leisure

Day 7 – Tripoli/ Sebratha  
After breakfast, drive to visit Sabratha 60 km west of Tripoli (site was  founded since the beginning of the first  millennium BC, by the Phoenicians as a trading centre. This city was once the Roman centre for trade of African animals and ivory and its former wealth is still evident in its ruins. Enjoy the stunning colonnaded theatre. Return to Tripoli for overnight.

Day 8 – Tripoli
After breakfast, visit Tripoli “Oea“( the bride) of the Mediterranean, the capital of Libya. See this city, founded by the Phoenicians in 1000 B.C., with its ancient Red Castle fortress, lively medina and souks, the high walls who survived many invasions, and in the 8th-century a fourth wall that was built facing the sea. Visit the Museum of Antiquities, built in consultation with UNESCO, the National Antiquity Museum deals with the archaeology and ancient history of Libya. It covers Phoenician, Greek and Roman periods and has an expanding collection on the Islamic period.

Day 9 – Departure 
Breakfast, free time at leisure. Transfer to Tripoli airport for your departure flight.


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