Incredible Bolivia (15n/16d)

Some people whilst in Trinidad will take the opportunity to swim with Amazon River Dolphins

Some people whilst in Trinidad will take the opportunity to swim with Amazon River Dolphins

Transfer from the airport to the selected hotel. Four hours visiting the most interesting places in the city: El Prado Boulevard; the main square 14 de Septiembre where the Metropolitan Cathedral is located; The University of San Simon’s Archaeological Museum; and the Alcides D’Orbigny Natural History museum, plus other historical monuments. Shopping at the typical market called La Cancha. The tour will end at the Cristo de la Concordia monument where you will enjoy a magnificent view.

Among the testimonies obtained by the Inca empire. Incallajta, Inca Village, is the country’s most significant archeological site after Tiwanaku. It was a fortress, and at the same time one of the last Inca control points for the agricultural areas to the east of the Andes. It is located in the Pocona Canton, 134 Km out of the city along the new highway.

Departure towards Sipe Sipe, visiting on the way the town of Quillacollo, the Calvary and the Sanctuary of the Urkupìña Virgin. Once in Sipe-Sipe we will start a walk ascending a hill in order to reach the archaeological site known as Inkarrakay, it was a civilian administrative site, important because of its strategic location. Visit to the ruins, box lunch. Pick up from the hotel, transfer to the airport, flight to La Paz City. Private transfer from the airport. (by car, van or bus). Accommocation at the selected hotel with daily breakfast.

Passengers are picked up from their hotels to visit the epic city of Tiwanaku, the capital of an ancient civilization. Located 72 km away form the city of La Paz and near the south-eastern shores of Lake Titikaka. During its greatest times, the capital of Tiwanku was the largest in the world and considered to be the Cradle of all American Civilizations. This pre-Inca ruins started endless archeological debates, the most recent radiocarbon 14 tests show that this edifications date back to 1580 B.C. In this ancient breath taking city we will visit the Kalasasaya (Sun) temple, Semisubterranean (Earth) Temple, Akapana Pyramid, Puma Punku Temple and the legendary Sun Gate, the tour also takes us to an impressive museum filled with ancient objects and tools that stand as proof of just how advanced this civilization really was.

Today the Aymara, descendants of the builders of Tiwanaku, are reviving the ancient agricultural methods used by their ancestors to support vast populations and this morning we have the opportunity to see raised fields in use. We will explore the sites of Chiripa, a pre-Tiwanaku village, and Lukurmata, a Tiwanaku related complex. Our drive takes us to the very edge of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world where we will visit Kala Huta, or House of Stone, one of the most fascinating places on the Lake. Here, we will view a multitude of Inka and pre-Inka stone buildings. Overnight at the Hotel Las Balsas. (B/L/D)

Pick up from hotel Las Balsas, trip to the port in Copacabana to aboard the Catamaran cruise. Copacabana -Sun Island(South) -Inti Wata Complex -Sun Island (North) -OV- Copacabana -La Paz. We board the Catamaran Cruise Ship and sail to Sun Island, the legendary birth place of the Inca Empire. Visit the Inca Garden, steps and fountain then the Inti Wata Cultural Complex including the Ekako Underground Museum, the traditional medicine and the Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders display centers, the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, a handicraft center, the Intica lounge and at the Manco Kapac look out the largest variety of Andean camelids. Also, the Inti Wata Complex at Sun Island includes a unique sailing experience aboard a huge Titikaka Traditional vessel for a panoramic visit to the Pilkakaina Inca Palace. Catamaran Cruise to Sun Island isolated Challapampa Village, buffet lunch while sailing. Half day of participative tourism, visitors have the opportunity to interact with one of the most unspoiled indigenous Titikaka villages through an innovative program organized with the local community visiting their own museum, chapel, school, a typical house, sailing in their vessels to an Inca holy temple and walking through Inca trails. Romantic candle light dinner and overnight on board the Catamaran in lake view cabins with private facilities.

Catamaran cruise ship sail across the lake enjoying breakfast and the overwhelming panorama. Visit the Sanctuary of Copacabana, land transfer to La Paz city. Accommodation and dinner at the hotel.

DAY 8:    LA PAZ
We pick up passengers from the hotel to visit the famous Witch Doctor’s Market and San Francisco Colonial Church. The tour continues to Plaza Murillo where the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the National Congress buildings are located. Then, we will visit the famous colonial street Jaen where interesting museums are clustered together, followed by a visit to the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. To change scenery the tour continues to the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and La Florida. The tour ends with a visit to the unique Moon Valley, where you will have the opportunity to walk around, and visit a ceramic workshop with a demonstration of the art of pottery.

Private transfer to the airport. (by car, van or bus) Flight to Trinidad. Reception at Trinidad Airport. Transfer to Port Varador on the Mamore River. Boarding of the Flotel Reina de Enin. Along the way we will observe a great variety of birds and also the river turtle. Possibility to swim with the river dolphins.

On horseback a ride to a cattle ranch followed by a ride through the lowlands which are characteristic of this forest called Enin. In the afternoon we will visit the community Yukare of San Renato to exchange experiences.

In the morning a visit to Victoria Villa, a community of ancient indigenous people, and a walk of 1 hour along the Lagoon to observe animals. In the afternoon a 3 hour walk through the forest where we will be able to observe trees of the region and a canoe ride which will allow us to observe the famous Victoria Regia flower. We will end the afternoon with a bath in the Mamore River.

In the morning the possibility to fish or swim. In the afternoon transfer to the airport. Flight to Santa Cruz. Private transfer from the airport to the hotel Departure to Samaipata, on the way we will visit “Cuevas” waterfalls. We then ascent to the archaeological region of the millennial haven of the Bolivian East and one of the most important in America: the Archaeological Complex and Ceremonial Temple “The Fort” that was inhabited by diverse pre-Columbus cultures, such as the Amazon and the Inca civilizations. After lunch in Samaipata we walk around the picturesque town looking for crafts. Dinner and lodging in the town of Samaipata.

We visit the town, church, arqueological museum and the nearby villages. Return to Santa Cruz city. Accommodation at the selected hotel with daily breakfast.

Early departure from Santa Cruz to San Javier that is the oldest Jesuit Mission founded in 1691, on the way we will visit Cotoca, Pailas, the cross of the Rio Grande and natural parks with beautiful gardens.Upon arrival to San Javier we will visit the ancient church recently restored and the museum. Lunch andafter we will continue to Concepcion, on arrival check in at Hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

After breakfast we will visit the famous cathedral founded in 1709 and handicraft shops. Then we will take a walk around the town and have lunch. We will visit the dam and return to San Javier to enjoy a typical coffee. Return to Santa Cruz. Dinner and overnight in Santa Cruz.

Private transfer from the hotel to the airport

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