Northern Yemen (13n/14d)

Seaside Town Of Mukalla

Seaside Town Of Mukalla

Day 1  Sana’a
Arrival at Sana’a airport, meet and assistance at the airport – transfer to the hotel  – Overnight.

Day 2 Sana’a
Breakfast – Full day Sana’a city tour (Museum, old city, souq) – back to the hotel – Overnight in hotel.

Day 3 Sana’a – Jebel Harraz – Hoteib – Manakha – Sana’a
Breakfast – departure from Sana’a to Hoteib and Manakha through the marvellous backround of the Jebel Harraz – back to Sanaa. Overnight in hotel.

Day 4  Sana’a – Wadi Dhar – Thula – Kawkaban – Sana’a
Breakfast – departure to Wadi Dahr – Excursion to the most famous villages around Sana’a.  Overnight in hotel.

Day 5 Sanaa – Zakatein – Boukour – Tawila – Mahweet
Breakfast – Departure from Sanaa to Zakatein, Boukour and Tawila, after the visits continuation to Mahweet – dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 6 Mahweet – Wadi Lahima – Wadi Sourdoud – Hodeida
Breakfast – departure from Mahweet to visit the Wadi Lahima and Wadi Sordoud, continuation to Hodeida. Overnight in hotel.

Day 7 Hodeidah – Beit al-Faqih – Zabid – Khawkha – Taez
Breakfast – departure from Hodeida to Beit elFaqih: visit of the colourful souq – continuation to Zabid, Khawkha: visit and prosecution to Taez. Overnight in hotel.

Day 8 Taez – Jibla – Ibb – Taez
Breakfast – Departure from Taez to Jibla and Ibb: visit and transfer back to the hotel in Taez: city tour – dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 9 Taez – Aden.
Breakfast – departure from Taez to visit Souq elDhabab – continuation to Aden: visit of the city – transfer to the hotel –Overnight in Aden.

Day 10 Aden – Mukalla
Breakfast – transfer to the airport of Aden for flight to Mukalla (dep. at 09.30 – arr. at 10.30) – meet and assistance at the airport – transfer to Mukalla: visit of the city and Bir Ali – back to Mukalla –Overnight.

Day 11 Mukalla – Wadi Doan – Seyun
Breakfast – departure from Mukalla to Wadi Doan: visit and continuation to Seyun –Overnight at the hotel.

Day 12 Seyun – Tarim – Ainat – Seyun
Breakfast and visit of Seyun – prosecution to the visit of the cemetery of Ainat and the city of Tarim – back to Seyun. Overnight in hotel

Day 13 Seyun – desert – Mareb
Breakfast departure to Seyun to Mareb through the desert – visit of Mareb – Overnight in hotel.

Day 14 Mareb – Sana’a
Departure from Mareb to Sana’a, possibility to visit Baraqeish. Free time in Sana’a and use room at typical house of Arabia Felix – transfer to the airport

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