At a cross-road of continents Egypt was a melting pot for civilizations and cultures, and the birthplace of one of the world’s most incredible Empires. The Pyramids at Giza were one of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World, two of which were in Egypt (the other being the now ruined and sumberged Lighthouse of Alexandria). They Pyramids are just the start of a voyage through Egypt. From Cairo to Alexandria, Across the Sahara desert, down the Nile, across Lake Nasser, through the Sinai, there is an incredible amount to see in this ever fascinating country.


Karnak Luxor

General Tours
Bride of the Mediterranean (11n/12d)
Cairo Stop Over (3n/4d)
Egypt Express (7n/8d)
Lake Nasser and the Nile (13n/14d)
Splendors of Egypt (12n/13d)
Taste of Egypt (8n/9d)
Treasures of the Nile (7n/8d)
Jewel of the Nile (8n/9d)
Explore Egypt (12n/13d)
Great Egypt (14n/15d)

Adventure / Off The Beaten Path

Giza PlateauSafari Taste (7n/8d)
Explore the western desert (14n/15d)
Diving Safari and Hurghada (6n/7d)
Felucca Journey (9n/10d)
Nile and Beyond (21n/22d)
Quattara Depression (12n/13d)
Sinai Experience (6n/7d)
Through The Heart Of Sinai (6n/7d)
Western desert and Oases (14n/15d)

Special Interest

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Golfing The Nile (12n/13d)
Golfing The Red Sea (7n/8d)
Holy Family in Cairo (5n/6d)
Cairo and St. Catherine (4n/5d)

Combined Country Tours
Along the Mediterranean (13n/14d)
Egypt and Jordan Caravan (15n/16d)



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