Inti Raymi – Traditional Incan Sun Festival, Cusco, Peru

Every year across the globe there are dozens of celebrations, festivals, remembrances and events which all highlight unique cultures,  important historical events, and different ways of life. From Semana Santa in Guatemala to the Water Festival in Myanmar, from attending Dawn Services on the Beaches of Gallipoli to watching the parades of Mardi-Gras in Brazil.

While some of these programmes will appear in our lists for individual countries we thought we would take time to especially highlight them here, because in many case they are packages that do require a bit of pre-planning to ensure there is available accommodation and touring facilities available, and because sometimes people just do not know that these events are there to see, let alone how incredible they can be.

So if you are looking for a thrilling cultural experience, whether it be attending the Mass Games in North Korea, experiencing the thrill of Nadaam or a number of other cultural highlights. Be sure to stop by here and see what we have .. and if it is not here .. ASK!

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