Tunisian Star Wars Tour (7n/8d)

The Hotel Sidi Driss was the location of the "Lars Homestead" in the Star Wars Movies

The Hotel Sidi Driss was the location of the “Lars Homestead” in the Star Wars Movies

Upon arrival in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.After checking in, dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 2: TUNIS – kairouan – Tozeur
After breakfast, our tour will depart for Kairouan. Kairouan is a city known for its mosques and world famous carpet making craft industry. The great mosque , and the mausoleum of the barber companion of the prophet Mohamed, are two of the city’s famous religious sites. We also visit a carpet making workshop to learn how carpets are designed and handmade. After lunch our tour heads to the archaeological site of Sbeitla. This site presents well preserved ruins such as temples, beautiful baptisteries, a thermal complex, a triumphal arch and forts dating back to the Byzantine period. Sbeitla also hosts an original antiquities museum to display excavated objects. Continue to Tozeur, check in at the hotel. Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 3:  Chebika – Tamerza – Chott el Gharsa- Tozeur  (Episode I – II-III and IV )
After breakfast our tour will set out for the mountain oases of Chebika, Tamerza, and Mides. There we will have time to hike through the oasis area and enjoy the beautiful scenery of these amazing desert springs, canyons and waterfalls not far from Algeria. After lunch we visit the “Ong Jemal” among the sand dunes, and the desert site of one of the Star Wars films (episode 1 and 2 and Lars farm episode 2, 3 and 4.) Back to the hotel in Tozeur. Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 4: Bou Hlel – Douz – Matmata    (Episode I – II and IV)
After breakfast, visit of the Star wars Canyon ( Episode IV of the desert Jundland , and some passages of the pod race in Episode I) then we cross the dry salt lake of Chott El Jerid. When arriving at Douz there is an optional activity of a camel ride into the Sahara desert (1 hour). After Lunch we drive to Matmata, This part of Tunisia is well known for the unique Berber people who dwelt here for many years before the Arabs came. Matmata boasts the Berber troglodyte housing where Berber people open their troglodyte houses for visitors to have a cup of tea. Also visit Of the Troglodyte hotel Sidi driss a shooting place of the movie “Star Wars Hotel Sidi Driss which includes five courtyards: 4 of them being surrounded by rooms, and the fifth, named “Star court Wars “, constituting the restaurant. It was the setting for the dining room and kitchen in Lars farm. Check in at the hotel. Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 5:   Ksar Hededa – Tataouine – Ksar Ouled Soltane – Djerba.  (Episode I )
After breakfast, visit of the Ksour region, A Ksar (plural ksour) is the Arabic term for a fortified Berber Granary and is composed of houses and granaries, in organized cells (ghorfas in Arabic) and its where George Lucas drew the name of Tatooine. It was used for filming  sets of Mos Espa, in this case the slave quarters, in Episode I (scene where Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan contacted by comlink and scene with Shmi “He did not have a father …”). Departure to the Tataouine for lunch.After lunch visit of Ksar Ouled Soltane, one of the best preserved ksour in Tunisia which includes two separate courts, and more than 400 ghorfas (bins), 4 or 5 levels serving in episode 1 as the slave quarters of Mos Espa, where the character Anakin Skywalker lived as a boy. Drive to Djerba . Check in at the hotel. Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 6: Djerba Island “Ajim – Sidi Jemour – Guellala ” (Episodes IV )
After breakfast, departure to the near town of Ajim for a visit of the house of Ben Kenobi during his exile on Tatooine.Episode 4. Then to Sidi Jemour where 2 scenes of Episode 4where filmed , the cut scene outside Anchorhead and The scene of arrival of Luke and Ben speeder in Mos. Lunch and after lunch visit of the oldest Synagogue in north Africa and the pottery town of Guellala.  Back to the hotel . Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 7: Gabes – El Djem – Sousse  – Hammamet (Episode I )
After breakfast , departure to ksar Medenine where two scenes from episode 1 where the scenes of  arrival of Anakin in the storm, and the departure of Anakin and Qui-Gon farewell to Shmiwhere filmed. The place is known since as “Skywalker Alley”. Departure to the maritime oasis of Gabes for a visit the the Spice market, Departure to El Djem (ancient Thysdrus) to visit the largest and most spectacular Roman amphitheatres in North Africa and the best preserved in the world. This colossal edifice classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch and departure to Sousse to visit its Medina (old town), a UNESCO World heritage Site. Transfer to your hotel in Hammamet. Dinner (buffet) & overnight.

DAY 8: Departure
After breakfast, you will be transferred by bus to the airport for departure.

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