Puno & Suasi Island (3n/4d)

Suasi, the perfect point from which to explore Lake Titicaca

Suasi, the perfect point from which to explore Lake Titicaca

Day 1: Arrival in Puno
Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our representatives, who will give you a brief introduction to the city and to our services while en route to the hotel.Along the way, enjoy amazing views of the spectacular Altiplano landscape dotted with small indigenous villages and herds of llama and vicuña. Upon arriving in Puno, you will be stunned by the beauty and immensity of the legendary Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the great Inca Empire.

Day 2: Lake Crossing – Isla Suasi
Early in the morning, you will depart for Suasi, a private island where time appears to have stood still and nature stimulates your senses. The lodge, situated on the north part of the island, is constructed with local materials and will encourage you to relax and unwind. Your first stop will be the Uros floating islands. These are a peculiar grouping of around 40 small islands made totally of totora, a natural reed that grows around the lake. The cheerful inhabitants will invite you to get to know their traditional lifestyle and customs. You will continue your voyage across the placid waters of the lake until you come to the picturesque island of Taquile, a peaceful place where old Quechua traditions live in perfect balance with modernity. Discover a landscape distinct from the other islands thanks to the Incan terraces filled with local flowers and crops. The rich colors of the clothing worn by the local inhabitants will amaze you; admire their beautiful hand-made fabrics. Most importantly, enjoy the unbelievable hospitality of the islanders, known as Taquileños, who will make your visit to the island a memorable one. After this visit, you will continue your voyage to your final destination, the island of Suasi. You will arrive right at lunch time, and if the weather cooperates, after a small introduction to the island, you will enjoy an exquisite open-air cookout. In the afternoon, choose one of the activities suggested by the hotel.

Day 3: Suasi Island
Take advantage of the different activities offered by the lodge to make your day on the island an unforgettable one. After breakfast, we suggest you ride across Lake Titicaca on board a Zodiac motor boat, or you may prefer to paddle over the lake’s quiet waters as you explore around the island. Take an hour to discover the wildlife and various species of birds that inhabit the island’s caves, inlets, and nooks. After lunch, visit the Cabaña Cultural, a small museum and library where you will be able to learn more about the history, culture, and religion of the lake region. Then, together with an Aymara shaman, learn about the traditional belief system of the Andean inhabitants, and take part in a unique offering ceremony to Mother Earth, also known as Pachamama*. To end the day, we suggest your reward yourself with a visit to the lodge’s massage parlor*. *This activity has an additional cost.

Day 4: Puno departure
At the scheduled departure time, you will set out from the island’s private dock for the city of Puno, where you will end your journey.

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