Along The Mediterranean (13n/14d)

Sunset along the coast at Apollonia

Sunset along the coast at Apollonia

Day 1 – Cairo
Upon arrival to Cairo, you will be met by Stylish Holidays representative and transferred to your hotel for overnight. 

Day 2 – Cairo
After breakfast, your private Egyptologist tour guide and driver will pick you up and start your tour. Drive to Giza and visit the Pyramids. See the Great Pyramid, the Valley Temple and the Sphinx. Lunch en route. Then drive to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities for a detailed, guided tour. Among other fascinating exhibits, see the treasures of the Tomb of Tutankhamen. Visit Old Cairo and walk back in time, visiting the Old Coptic Church and the hanging church. Continue to Sultan Hassan Mosque, Mohamed Ali Mosque and the streets of Khan el Khalili Bazaar. Return to your hotel for overnight.

Day 3 – Cairo / Alexandria
After breakfast, drive through the delta to Alexandria, on the way visit Tanta, where the famous Mosque of El Sayed El Badawy is, then visit El Mahala El Kobra where the spinning and textile are manufactured. On the route, be introduced to the Egyptian agriculture before and after the High Dam with the different type of cultivated plants in Egypt. Upon arrival, have lunch in one of the famous restaurants in Alexandria serving typical food. Your hotel will be close to down town so you can have a free walk in the evening in the heart of Alexandria. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Day 4 – Alexandria
After breakfast, visit the Catacomb on three stages dating-back to the 2nd century B.C. Then continue to visit the famous Mosque of El Morsi Aboul Abbas (from outside), the library and El Montazah Gardens to be introduced to the royal life in Egypt before the revolution. Lunch enroute. Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

Day 5 – Alexandria / Alamein / Marsa Matrouh
After breakfast, drive East to El Alamein to visit the Cemetery of World War II in the same place of the war between Rommel and Montgomery and the World War II Weapon Museum. Lunch enroute. Continue East to Marsa Matrouh. In the evening, have a free walk in Marsa Matrouh and overnight at your hotel. 

Day 6 – Marsa Matrouh / Saloum ( cross border to Libya )
After breakfast, drive East on the Mediterranean coast to El Saloum to cross the Egyptian/Libyan borders. Cross the Egyptian/Libyan borders, drive to Derna. Visit Derna Museum, Derna Mosque and Derna Waterfall. Then drive to visit Al Athroun and Ras Alhila (10 km, 15 min) and continue driving to Appolonia . Overnight at your hotel.

Day 7 – Cyrene / Apollonia
After breakfast, have a tour into the Greco-Roman times. Cyrene was part of the 1st century five cities “state” called Pentapolis which was second to the size of Athens. It was founded by the Greeks in 631 B.C. and was later occupied by the Romans and then the Arabs. The interesting sites here are the temples of Zeus and Apollo plus the Byzantine churches. Apollonia (Sousa) was the port of Cyrene and is located 20 kms north. There you will see the Great Theatre, the Roman Baths and Byzantine Palace. Late noon, trekking along the beach, watching the sun set and visiting some open air monuments (approx. 2 to 3 hours walking). Overnight at your hotel.

Day 8 – Qasr Libya / Ptolemais / Benghazi
After breakfast, drive to visit Qasr Libya , which houses 50 pieces of mosaic artifact fragments dating back to the 6th Century AD. Then move to Ptolemais (founded in the 3rd century B.C., one of the important sites of Penta-polis). Teuchira or Arsinoe. This Spartan origin city came under Roman influence in 96 BC and flourished further during the Byzantine era. Continue driving to Benghazi. Overnight in a hotel in Benghazi.

Day 9 – Benghazi / Tripoli
After breakfast, tour around Benghazi at the local souks, churches, old Italian buildings and sea lantern. After dinner transfer to Benghazi airport for flight to Tripoli. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 10 – Tripoli / Leptis Magna / Tripoli
After breakfast, drive to Leptis Magna. The highlight of any visit to Libya is to see Leptis Magna, now known as Libda. From Berber settlement it became important when it was established as a city by the Caanite ships from Tyre and Sidon in Phoenicia. In the 3rd century it became an even more important trading port under the Roman Emperor Septimus Servarus. Visit the vast site including the Triumphal Arch, the huge Basilica, the Forum, the Public Baths, the Hippodrome and the Amphitheatre. Spend the evening driving back to Tripoli and have the chance to explore part of the night life by going to one of the local coffee shops which is one of the main social-entertainment in Libya. It is a unique experience you will want to try. Overnight in a hotel in Tripoli.

Day 11 – Ghadamas/ Qasr Alhaj/ Nalut
After breakfast, drive by air-conditioned bus heading south-west to Ghadames, with short stop visit in Qasr Alhaj and Nalut to see Barber Remains and Granary (Barnes), then continue driving to Ghadames via Derj and Senawen. Overnight in guest house.

Day 12 – Ghadamas / Qasr Al- Ghoul
After breakfast, full day touring Ghadames city, enjoying the unique and enchanting oasis of Ghadames on the edge of the Sahara desert. Visit the old town with its labyrinthine passages and take lunch in a traditional house. Visit the Museum and the old city (city of Barber and Tuareg, jewel of the desert, famous for its houses with their incredible architecture and decoration). Late afternoon, excursion to watch the sunset over the sand dunes. On the way, visit the ruins of Qasr al- Ghoul (Castle of the Ghost). Overnight in a guest house.

Day 13 – Kabao / Yefren / Gharyan / Tripoli
After breakfast, drive through some Barber old cities through the old caravan way Kabao, Yefren and Gharyan. Continue to Tripoli, overnight in a hotel in Tripoli.

Day 14 – Sabratha / Djerba
After breakfast, drive to Djerba via Sabratha to visit one of the most interesting sites of Libya, Sabratha. It was founded by the Canaanites in the 6th century B.C. and then came under the rule of Carthage followed by Phoenicia and then the nomidans of Rome in 46 B.C. The site offers a majestic collection of public buildings, arenas, and temples of Liber Peter, Srapis, Isis, Hercules, the forum and the theatre. Continue driving to Djerba. We can either provide overnight in Djerba or end our services and transfer to airport.


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