Puna At A Glance (2n/3d)

No visit to Lake Titicaca is complete without stopping at Uros & Taquille

No visit to Lake Titicaca is complete without stopping at Uros & Taquille

Day 1: Puno arrival
Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our representatives, who will give you a brief introduction to the city and to our services while en route to the hotel. Along the way, enjoy amazing views of the spectacular Altiplano landscape, dotted with small indigenous villages and herds of llama and vicuña. Upon arriving in Puno, you will be stunned by the beauty and immensity of the legendary Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the great Inca Empire.

Day 2: Uros & Taquile Islands excursion
On the second day, you will enjoy an extraordinary journey across the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca. Travel to legendary places where time seems to have stood still. Your first stop will be the Uros floating islands. These are a peculiar grouping of around 40 small islands made totally of totora, a natural reed that grows around the lake. The cheerful inhabitants will invite you to get to know their traditional lifestyle and customs. You will continue your voyage across the placid waters of the lake until you come to the picturesque island of Taquile, a peaceful place where old Quechua traditions live in perfect balance with modernity. Discover a landscape distinct from the other islands thanks to the Incan terraces filled with local flowers and crops. The rich colors of the clothing worn by the local inhabitants will amaze you; admire their beautiful hand-made fabrics. Most importantly, enjoy the unbelievable hospitality of the islanders, known as Taquileños, who will make your visit to the island a memorable one. Before making your way back to Puno, you will have lunch at a local home.

Day 3: Puno departure
You will leave Puno and head to Juliaca, where the airport is located. On the way, you will visit the archeological complex of Sillustani, an amazing pre-Incan cemetery where more than 90 Chullpas or funerary towers some of them up to 40 feet (12 m) high, rise up imposingly around Lake Umayo. At the airport in Juliaca, you will be assisted in boarding your return flight.

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