Mayan Heritage Tour (2n/3d)

The Steppe Pyramid of Chichen Itza

The Steppe Pyramid of Chichen Itza

Day 1 – Mon. or Fri. : TEOTIHUACAN
A last –and indispensable- sequel to your Mexico City programme: Morning drive to the Basilica de Guadalupe, the holiest shrine for millions of Mexicans. From here, proceed to San Juan Teotihuacan, a city that flourished several centuries prior to the arrival of the Aztecs; it was probably the largest of Mexico´s ancient cities, the capital of a great and powerful empire. Inspect the aweinspiring pyramids of the Sun and Moon and walk down the Road of the Dead to the Citadel, wonder at the unique Temple of Quetzalcóatl, with its stonesculptured plumed-serpent heads, and the masks of rain god Tlaloc. Return to Mexico City by lunchtime. In the afternoon, transfer to airport for a flight to Merida, the White City, capital of Yucatan, where you are transferred to a centrally located hotel, your home for tonight. Free time to roam through this friendly city’s downtown area, its bustling Zocalo Square, with the old Cathedral and Government Palace.

Day 2: Tue. or Sat.: UXMAL and KABAH
Morning drive through the Yucatan Peninsula’s flatlands and over its only -300 m.-high- Puuc mountain chain, first stopping at the archaeological site of Kabah, with a visit to its amazing Palace of the Masks, covered with nearly 300 masks of rain god Chac. We then continue to the fascinating ruins of UXMAL, to experience the classical Mayan architecture at its best. The Magician’s Pyramid, the Governor Palace and the magnificent Nunnery Quadrangle, with its perfect geometrical, allegorical bas-reliefs, are considered among world’s most beautiful buildings, alongside with such other famous architectural pièces de résistance as the Athens’ Parthenon and the Taj-Mahal. Luncheon will give tour members an opportunity to sample some of the delicacies of the sophisticated Yucatan cuisine. Return to Merida, with the remainder of the afternoon and the evening free.

Drive past tiny Mayan villages and through the large sisal plantations to ChichenItzá, the largest and most impressive of all Mayan sites in the country, and certainly also on UNESCO’s Heritage list. Visits to the Kukulcán Pyramid, Warrior’s Temple, Hall of Thousand Columns and the Ball Game Court will help us to round-up our vision of the fascinating Maya culture. A farewell Yucatecan luncheon in a lovely old hacienda will mark the conclusion of this beautiful journey through Mexican lands, as we now continue eastward to country’s Caribbean coast, with its white-sand beaches and transparent, turquoise waters, where you may start a beach holiday in the fashionable resort of CANCUN, or at the lovely playgrounds of the MAYAN RIVIERA

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