Eagle Hunting Festival in Mongolia

Falconry is almost as much an important part of the traditional Mongolian lifestyle as Horse Riding and Archery. Unlike the falconers of Europe, many mongols use birds much larger than hawks or falcons, they use large birds such as eagles and in extremely rare cases vultures. Yearly there is a festival that displays and highlights the best of falconry with Eagles.

Eagle Hunting Festival

Eagle Hunting Festival

Day 1. Oct 02 (Thu) Ulaanbaatar
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Half or full day tours are available.

Day 2. Oct 03 (Fri) Ulaanbaatar – Olgii
After breakfast fly to Mongolia’s westernmost province, Bayan-Olgii. Olgii is a home to Kazakh people, who have a unique cultural heritage, music, handicrafts and traditional hunting with Golden Eagles. Upon arrival in Olgii, the provincial capital, visit the local museum, which provides insight into the diverse ethnic groups in the region. After a delicious lunch visit the local Mosque and market. Spend the night at an Eagle trainer’s family. (L/D)

Day 3,4. Oct 04-05 (Sat-Sun) The Golden Eagle Festival
Eagle trainers will gather to display their eagle handling skills and their eagles’ abilities. The festival will begin with the hunters displaying their traditional Kazakh costumes and their eagle’s equipments and ornaments. This is an exciting and authentic event which not only features eagle hunters’ competitions, but also other Kazakh traditional games such as Kokpar (headless goat carcass polo), Kazakh archery, and many more. Prizes are awarded for the best traditional costume, the eagle’s gear and ornaments. The eagles are rated according to their speed and agility. During the festival, folk art performances will add even more cheerfulness to an already fantastic atmosphere. Spend the night in a ger camp. (B/L/D)

Day 5. Oct 06 (Mon) Olgii – Ulaanbaatar
Transfer to the airport for flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Spend the night in a hotel. (B)

Day 6. Oct 07 (Tue) Departure
Transfer to the airport or railway station for an international departure.

There are a number of contests during the Eagle Festival

There are a number of contests during the Eagle Festival

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