Classic Tour Of Tunisia (7n/8d)

The Berber Granaries of Ksar Ouled Soltane are some of the best preserved known

The Berber Granaries of Ksar Ouled Soltane are some of the best preserved known

Reception at airport & transfer to hotel. Accommodation at the Boutique hotel “Dar El Medina”  or similar

City sightseeing. This tour includes many faces of Tunis: we will visit the symbol of the French colonial city, the 14 January square, the Kasbah square, avenue Habib bourguiba. Monuments such as Zitouna Mosk, Saint Vincent de Paul Cathedral, Carthage (UNESCO).We will pass by La piccola sicilia which is a hometown of an old Jewish community, the magnificent Alaoui Turkish Palace and the picturesque Palace of Rodolphe Derlanger. In the evening dinner & belly dance show at Layeli Bayrout Cabaret. Enjoy an unforgettable time at the Cabaret of the Regency Hotel, recognized for its service and sophisticated ambiance; Typical Tunisian food will be served with the best Tunisian wines. Overnight at Dar Lemdina Boutique Hotel  or similar

A piece of heaven in north eastern Tunisia, the Cap bon peninsula lands have been planted with vine grapes, olive trees, and vegetables since Punic times. They represent the focus of the writings of the Carthaginian agronomist Magon. We will start visiting a traditional olive press, an orange  groove  farm, we will then drive north toward the fishing village of Sidi daoud. And from there, we’ll take a boat  to reach the hot springs of Korbous beach, then continue by boat to the Ecological island of Zembra, a protected area by UNESCO since 1977, The island’s vegetation consists of about 266 plant species. We’ll finally land at the fishing village of El Hawaria, located at the tip of the peninsula. Possibility of a fish BBQ at a local restaurant in the sea side of El Haouaria (Optional). We’ll continue by our vehicle to the wine region of Grombalia. Where we’ll visit one of the most reputable wineries of the region and assist to the different stages of wine making. Return back to the hotel in Tunis. In the evening dinner accompanied with Malouf music at the gourmet restaurant Dar El jeld. Overnight at Dar Lemdina Boutique Hotel  or similar

Transfer to domestic airport for departure to Djerba island (About 40 minutes flight). Reception at the airport & transfer to Dar Dhiafa guest house. The island of the Lotus- eaters where Odysseus was stranded on his voyage through the mediterranean.  It’s one of the most beautiful islands in North Africa with its Crystal clear sea. In the afternoon, sport activities or visit of the oldest synagogue in the world, the centre of annual pilgrimage. And a visit of a workshop to assist handmade pottery. Accommodation at Dar Dhiafa Guest house  or similar

From here we’ll continue traveling south to the “Ksour region” – these are the fortified granaries constructed by the Berbers, we’ll visit Ksar Ouled Soltane, the most famous and best preserved of the vaulted Berber granary in the south.  It was also featured in the film Star wars 1st episode the Phantom menace  in some of the scenes used to represented the slave quarters of Mos Espa , where the character Anakin Skywalker lived as a boy. Next we’ll continue to the villages of Chenini and Douiret which areTunisia ‘s best fortified  villages, topped by ancient citadels and ringed with terraced homes offering Sublime views from its summit.We’ll then head to the real desert, where your accommodation will give you a taste of the desert life at Ksar Ghilane. Check in at the Desert Camp “Yadis Ksar Ghilaine”- is tempered by the fact that the tents have solid floors, a solid-walled en-suite bathroom (including a shower), electric lights and air-conditioning,This is a very good compromise between camping and comfort. There is a lovely swimming pool, which provides a focus for al fresco evening dining. Enjoy an optional camel ride or a quad bike experience to reach the roman fort « Tisavar » or a mint tea by the only spring in the oasis.Dinner and overnight. Accomodation at Yadis ksar ghilane Camp site  or similar

This morning, an enthusiastic Berber knowledgeable guide will introduce us to the berber world, we’ll visit the museum of berber tradition at Tamezret. Which he realised to safeguard the berber identity. We then travel through the Salt lake desert to the mountain oases located amidst the rugged outcrop of the Atlas Mountains, not far from the Algerian frontier, these date back to Roman times, when they were military outposts to control the caravan trade. In Tamerza, we take a mountain trek to see the village and source of the springs,the waterfall to reach Mides with its spectacular canyon – made famous in the film, The English Patient. Transfer to the hotel Dar Horcheni set in the middle of a private palmeraie. In the evening in The Horcheni Restaurant is cradled by the shade of Palms. We will experience the culinary traditions of southern Tunisia. Homemade  dishes like brik , lamb cooked in a jug (clay pot) with vegetables, all buried in the hot sand, Safa (specialty Tozeur close couscous), served in the tradition of meatless desert with a little juice and vegetables. Accommodation at Dar Horcheni Boutique Hotel or similar

After breakfast  our tour departs for the famous and important Islamic city of Kairouan, where you will find numerous mosques and see evidence of its importance in the Islamic world. A walking tour is the best way to appreciate Kairouan’s attractive Medina and souks and to see the city craftsmen at work. At the Bir Routa, a decorated camel draws water from a well which some say is that is connected with the well of ZamZam in Mecca. We wil visit The Great Mosk of Okba, one of the largest and oldest mosques in north Africa with the oldest standing minaret in the world. Nearby, the MosK of the Three Doors  is noted for its elaborate external decoration. Located outside the city’s 8th century walls are the large reservoir-like Aghlabid pools which were intended to reduce Kairouan’s summer heat, and the lively Mosk of the Barber (also known as the Zaouia of SidiSahab). This ‘Barber’ a companion of the Prophet Mohamed who distinguished himself by always carrying three hairs of the Prophet’s beard on his person. Dinner and overnight in the stylish Kasbah hotel. Accommodation at Kasbah Hotel or similar

Transfer to airport for departure. Reception at airport & check in for the return flight.

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