Historical Bolivia (11n/12d)

Potosi is known as the highest human settlement on Earth

Potosi is known as the highest human settlement on Earth

DAY 1:    LA PAZ
Private transfer from the airport. (by car, van or bus)

DAY 2:    LA PAZ
We pick up passengers from the hotel to visit the famous Witch Doctor’s Market and San Francisco Colonial Church. The tour continues to Plaza Murillo where the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the National Congress buildings are located. Then, we will visit the famous colonial street Jaen where interesting museums are clustered together, followed by a visit to the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. To change scenery the tour continues to the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and La Florida. The tour ends with a visit to the unique Moon Valley, where you will have the opportunity to walk around, and visit a ceramic workshop with a demonstration of the art of pottery.

Passengers are picked up from their hotels to visit the epic city of Tiwanaku, the capital of an ancient civilization. Located 72 km away form the city of La Paz and near the south-eastern shores of Lake Titikaka. During its greatest times, the capital of Tiwanku was the largest in the world and considered to be the Cradle of all American Civilizations. This pre-Inca ruins started endless archeological debates, the most recent radiocarbon 14 tests show that this edifications date back to 1580 B.C. In this ancient breath taking city we will visit the Kalasasaya (Sun) temple, Semisubterranean (Earth) Temple, Akapana Pyramid, Puma Punku Temple and the legendary Sun Gate, the tour also takes us to an impressive museum filled with ancient objects and tools that stand as proof of just how advanced this civilization really was.

Trip by a private car to Potosí City with an escort guide.

You will visit a private mine on the Cerro Rico, currently managed by the miners who bought it from the State. Passengers will be able to see the miners performing their job in rudimentary form and in similar conditions as those of the Spanish Colony. Will visit the most important and interesting places of the city, which was declared UNIVERSAL HERITAGE OF MANKIND by UNESCO. We will visit San Lorenzo Church where we will appreciate its beautiful façade, Casa de la Moneda Museum, the exterior of the Tower of Company, the exterior of the Arch of Cobija and the artisans market in the colonial area of the city.

Trip by a private car to Sucre City, with an escort guide.

We will visit the House of Freedom Historical Museum; the Convent of La Recoleta Museum and its viewpoint; the facades of the churches of San Lazaro and Santo Domingo; the main historical monuments and Bolivar Park. Optional Visit: Textile Asur Museum or the Convent of San Felipe de Nery.

Private transport to the Airport, bilingual guide and tips at airport. SANTA CRUZ. Private transfer from the airport to the hotel

Private transfer from the hotel to the airport. Reception at the airport, transfer to the selected hotel, lodging with breakfast included.

Sightseeing: Four hours visiting the most interesting places in the city: El Prado Boulevard; the main square 14 de Septiembre where the Metropolitan Cathedral is located; The University of San Simon’s Archaeological Museum; and the Alcides D’Orbigny Natural History museum, plus other historical monuments. Shopping at the typical market called La Cancha. The tour will end at the Cristo de la Concordia monument where you will enjoy a magnificent view.

DAY 12: COCHABAMBA / . . .
Transfer to the airport.

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