Sinuiju Extension

Sinuiju History Museum

Sinuiju History Museum

OPTION 1: Overnight extension to any tour. Itinerary: Pyongyang-Sinuiju-Dandong

Day 1: The train departs Pyongyang at 10:40am and arrives in Sinuiju at 15:45. Here you alight and visit the mosaic of the DPRK’s leaders in South Sinuiju and the Sinuiju History Museum before checking into the basic but clean Amnokgang Hotel for your overnight stay.

Day 2: After breakfast, take a tour of the city including the Sinuiju Folk Park, where you can mingle with picnickers, young couples promenading and retired folk sitting around discussing the issues of the day. Next visit is the Railway Station Square with its bronze statue of President Kim Il Sung, the Sinuiju Revolutionary Museum and the excellent Art Gallery – finishing with a spectacular performance by the students at Sinuiju Kindergarten before crossing over the border back to China at 17:30. You can then either take the train back to Beijing (departs at 18:30 local time) or extend your stay in Dandong to see the other side of the Yalu/Amnok River.

OPTION 2: Overnight trip from Dandong. Dandong-Sinuiju-Dandong

Day 1: The trip starts in Dandong; you cross the Sino-Korean Friendship bridge by car in the morning (border opens at 08:30 China time), and pass through DPRK Customs, you will spend the day visiting the Railway Station Square and Presidential Statue, Sinuiju Revolutionary Museum, Art Gallery, and Mosaics of the Leaders, as well as the Sinuiju Kindergarten. Lunch and dinner will be provided and then you will spend the night in the centrally located Amnokgang Hotel (clean and comfortable, not 24 hr hot water)

Day 2: After breakfast, visit the Sinuiju Folk Park where locals go for morning exercise or to spend time relaxing, wandering, and chatting. Then off to the Sinuiju History Museum and a look across the Yalu river from underneath the Friendship Bridge. After lunch cross back into China at approx 16:30 and end the tour on arrival back in Dandong.

OPTION 3: Daytrip from Dandong

Day 1. Arrive in Dandong (easily reached from most parts of China, we can assist with arrangements if you require) and report to the offices of our trusted local partner. Present your passport and 2 passport photos and the visa will be issued on the spot as with other trips to DPRK the visa is issued on a separate piece of paper. You are free to take some time to enjoy the sights and sounds of China’s most interesting border city and be sure to take in the view across the river to where you will be visiting in just a short time. Overnight in Dandong – you book this yourself but again please feel free to contact us if you would like a recommendation, most of Dandong’s hotels are known to us and we can suggest something to match your needs.

Day 2. At 08:30 Chinese customs opens. Cross over to the DPRK customs and meet your local English-speaking guide who will accompany you around the city. Among the places you will visit are the city’s statue of a youthful President Kim Il Sung, the provincial Revolutionary Museum, mosaic murals depicting the country’s leaders, mingling with the locals during a stroll through the recently renovated folklore park, lunch on the riverside looking over at the towers of Dandong and the famous ‘broken bridge’ destroyed by the US Air Force during the Korean War. In the afternoon you will visit the local History Museum, a fascinating art gallery, and the city Kindergarten, famous nationwide for training the performers who do the complicated unicycling and skipping in one of the most memorable scenes in the Arirang sinuijuMass Games. After a final bit of souvenir shopping you head off back to the customs house to completeprocedures and cross back to Dandong at around 17:00. At this point the day tripends. There is a daily 18:30 train to Beijing that our local partner can help get tickets for, or you can spend more time across the river from where you’ve just been. Only 900 metres away from a whole new world!

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