Through The Heart Of Sinai (6n/7d)

Sunrise at Mount Sinai

Sunrise at Mount Sinai

Day 1
An early start from Cairo to the fisherman’s city of Abou Zeniema, in which you head off road to the area of Sarabit El Khadem. Pass by Sheikh Hobos grave, ancient mining cities, colorful mountains and heaps of sand to finally reach the mountain of Sarabit.

Day 2
Early in the morning start climbing to the summit of the mountain to reach the ancient Egyptian temple of Hathor. Tour the temple and later on visit the ancient Turquoise Mines. Upon descent, drive on towards Gabal Maghara and Wadi Mukattab (with ancient Egyptian drawings) till reaching the site of a Bedouin camp to enjoy Bedouin food and singing.

Day 3
Start crossing through the heart of Sinai to reach the Forest of Pillars, which resembles pillars standing out in the desert, driving on towards the palm groves of the deserted oasis of Ain El Akhder, moving on to explore the abandoned church of Wadi Firan and the church of the 40 Prophets. Overnight in a camp.

Day 4
Wake up at 12 pm and start the trip to Moses Mountain. Upon reaching the area, start 3-hour climb of the 2000 m high mountain. Enjoy the sunrise from one of the highest summits of Sinai. Upon descent, visit the St. Catherine’s Monastery, and head for Wadi Arada to explore the narrow Wadi. We use ropes and the help of our guide up and down the Wadi. Camp for the night.

Day 5
Drive in Wadi Ghazala to a point where one is forced to leave one’s car and continue on foot. Passing under and over boulders, through narrow canyons which barley fit one person. Reaching the other side of the canyon, met by cars to be escorted to the most beautiful oasis in Sinai, Ain Khodra. For the rest of the day enjoy swimming in the cold spring. Camp for the night.

Day 6
Leaving Ain Khodra, move on to Bir Saghir oasis. Take a tour in the area and head on to the isolated beach of Abou Galloum. Then spend the rest of the day on swimming in the turquoise water of the beach. Camping for the night

Day 7
After breakfast, start camel trekking to Dahab on the tiny shore only accessible by camels. Have lunch by reaching the Blue Hole and snorkel in the amazing site. Later in the day meet our cars and head to Dahab city. After a free tour of the market, head to Sharm El Sheikh.  Rest of the day is free.

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