The Ark Fortress Gates in Bukhara

The Ark Fortress Gates in Bukhara

When one thinks of the Silk Road, usually the image that is conjured is of China. The Silk Road though streatched from China al the way through to Europe, and a good portion ran through the Central Asian Republics, more importantly through Uzbekistan.  Bukhara was once seen as the capital of the Silk Road, and in Samarkand you can find one of the Silk Roads’s most famous attractoin the Registan. Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of history, from the Silk Road to Alexander the Greats invasion, from the arrival of Islam to the drying of the Aral Sea. As a central location between the west and east, Usbekistan was a melting-pot for Cultures and their influences can be seen all around. More than just a historical and culture destination there are also an incredible amount of natural sights and wonders to encounter in Uzbekistan.


General Tours
Beautiful Nature of Uzbekistan (12n/13d)
Eco Routes of Uzbekistan (8n/9d)
Eco Centre of Uzbekistan (8n/9d)
Southern Frontiers of Uzbekistan (10n/11d)
Eco-Trip To The Aral Sea (11d/12d)
Silk Route Of Uzbekistan (12n/13d)
Archeological Sites Of Uzbekistan (14n/15d)

Specialist Tours:
Gourmet Uzbekistan (6n/7d)

Multi-Country Tours:
Best Of Central Asia (12n/13d)
Great Silk Road (12n/13d)

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