Grand Tours

The Temples of Karnak and Luxor are just two of the many sights of wonder most see when starting or ending their Nile Cruise.

The concept behind the “Grand Tours” is fairly simple, to get you to a destination and to see as much of that destination to say that you have seen it all, or close too it. These are generally extended tours that are usually 4 or more weeks and will extensively cover one country or a network of countries in a tour that follows a specific theme. The aim is to get to a destination and truly explore it rather than just sample it. 

In Egypt for example many travellers will just visit Cairo, do the Nile and maybe Alexandra, missing out on the Highlights of Lake Nasser, The Desert Oases, El Alemain, Siwa and the wonders of the Sinai. In Turkey your average tour hits the ground in Istanbul, travels through Gallipoli, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia and Ankara, missing out on all the highlights of the East out towards Nemrut and Kas, the fantastic region along the Black Sea including the hanging monastaries at Trabzon, and the southern coast is either missed, or seen in exclusion of Cappadocia and Ankara.

So the aim of these tours is to truly let you explore a country and get more than just a taste of it. We do realise that the durations are fairly long but in general Australians have a fairly good amount of holidays per year (4 weeks) and many have extended leave allowances and long service. More, these tours are not designed for backpacking and are not built to be too strenuous and are perfect for those taking early retirement, or whom have just taken retirement and are still fit and able to enjoy themselves.

While these tours will occasionally end up amongst our special departures ( which are group tours escorted fully ex-Australia) these like most of our product are built for the individual traveller and as such are bookable when you want, to suit your needs and budget – within reasonable limits of course.

TGTO Egypt.jpg

TGTO South America

TGTO Turkey

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