The Camel is often referred to as the "Ship Of The Desert"

The Camel is often referred to as the “Ship Of The Desert”

Mongolia is a land of sweeping vistas and breathtaking Panoramas, from the desert, to the grasslands to the Lakes, Mongolia is a country of an incredible if rugged beauty. It is also a country with a rich cultural heritage that is still alive and thriving in a world where many such customs and lifestyles have fallen by the wayside.

Camels, Cows, Sheep, Goats and most importantly Horses. These are the staple elements of Mongolia, the roaving herds that to this day still see over 50% of the population of the country living a nomadic life, travelling with the herds and living in their Gers.

With their major capital or Ulaanbaatar, and smaller settlements around the country the division between the modern world and the traditional nomadic lifestyle is clearly evident, and something everyone will experience on a trip to Mongolia.

So take a chance and visit this beautiful country.


General Tours:
Ancient Capital Of The Great Mongol Empire (7n/8d)
Mongolia: Legendary Routes Of The Secret History (9n/10d)
Mongolia, The Ancient Tea Route (9n/10d) Summer Itinerary
The Best of Mongolia (9n/10d)
The Very Best Of Mongolia (14n/15d)
The Blue Pearl Of Mongolia (9n/10d)
Mongolia: A White Holiday (3n/4d)
Mongolia: A Voyage Through Time (3n/4d)
Mongolia: An Overland Adventure (17n/16d)
Mongolia, A Safari In The Steppes (19n/20d)
Gobi to Kharakorum (7n/8d)
Ships Of The Gobi (7n/8d)
Ride Through Terelj (8n/9d)
Hustain Nuruu (5n/6d)
The Diverse Cultures Of Western Mongolia (9n/10d)
Mountains & Monastaries Of Mongolia (14n/15d)
Nomads’ Cultural Legacy (7n/8d)
Through Mongolia, An Overland Adventure (12n/13d)
Three Beauties Of The Gobi (11n/12d)
Exploring the Beauty Of Northern Mongolia (6n/7d)
Gobi Classic (5n/6d)
Treasures Of Mongolia (14n/15d)

Special Interest
Gobi Photography Safari (10n/11d)
Tshenkher Jihur Hot Springs (7n/8d)
Trek The Grass Plains (4n/5d)
Conquer The Khuiten (16n/17d)
Mountain Climbing In The Altai (16n/17d)
Fishing Tours Of Mongolia (8d-11d)
Mongolia Bird Watching Tour (10n/11d)
Karakorum By Horseback (7n/8d)
Mongolian Horse Riding Adventures (7n/8d)

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