The Best Of Tunisia (13n/14d)

The Bardo Museum is well known for its collection on intricate mosaics

The Bardo Museum is well known for its collection on intricate mosaics

Day 1: Arrival & Welcome
Arrive in Tunisia on a flight route of your choice. Our experienced driver will meet you to escort you to your hotel for the night.

Day 2: Explore! Tan! Rest!
Today we let you find your bearings in Hammamet a town on the Mediterranean. Its charm and attraction makes for an appropriate welcome to Tunisia. Enjoy your hotel, walks on the beach or catch a glimpse of the markets and Tunisian lifestyle.

Day 3:  Bardo Museum/ Tunis Medina/ Carthage
After breakfast, you visit the Bardo Museum. This museum is well known for its large collection of intricate mosaics and vestiges of the greatest civilizations known in Tunisian history. After the museum visit, we continue to the medina, (the old walled city), where we explore the “souk”, or traditional market. This market is colored by many products of skilled North African craftsman, such as copper, leather, wool, and beautifully woven carpets. After lunch in the mid-afternoon, we visit the ancient archaeological site of Carthage, once the largest city in northern Africa. This site holds ruins from many eras of history, such as the Punic, Roman, Vandal and Byzantine.

Day 4: El Jem / Sousse / Kairouan
After breakfast your tour departs for El Jem & Sousse to reach Kairouan. El Jem waits with its imposing Roman Amphitheatre dwarfing the surrounding village. Imagine Roman Aristocrats indulging in wine and laughter while watching man fight beast as a form of entertainment. In Sousse you visit the ancient catacombs, the Christian hiding and burial place during persecutions. Your night is spent in the 4th holiest city of Islam.

Day 5: Kairouan / Sbeitla.
The Okba mosque, which is the oldest in Africa with its spiritual significance, will intrigue! You also take a quick look at the Aghlabites pool, the Sidi Sahbi mausoleum and the Medina (walled old city). From Kairouan, your tour moves further south to Sbeitla. The ancient Roman village is decked out with remains of a majestic Arc de Triomph, church ruins, a temple dedicated to Jupitor, Junon and Minerve and much more.

Day 6: Sbeitla/Kasserine/Gafsa/Tozeur
Leaving Sbeitla after breakfast, you travel south towards Tozeur. On the way, Kasserine and Gafsa are good places to stop, refresh, even to have a bite. Coming to Tozeur you find that many excursions to the immediate surroundings start here. It is alive with palm trees and there is a buzz in the village. This is the Sahara. Here you can arrange (pay on site) for a camel ride or even quad bike riding.

Day 7: Explore! Tan! Rest! Walk
Today you do as you please. Tozeur intrigues and you might value time on your own.

Day 8: Tozeur/Chibeka/Tamerza/Mides/Tozeur
After breakfast your transport meets you for a tour through Chebika, Tamerza and the Mides. This is a combination of the famous mountain oasis at the foothills of the Atlas, Tamerza with its refreshing waterfalls and Mides on the edge of a magnificent canyon.

Day 9: Tozeur/ Douz/Ksar Ghilaine
Tonight you sleep in an oasis sandwiched between the rock & sand Sahara. From Tozeur to Douz, over the large salt lake expanse with its myriad of colors, to Ksar Ghilaine. Accommodation comes in 2 forms: The rustic tent with shared ablution blocks or the optional stylish Pansea hotel with air conditioned rooms and private facilities.

Day 10: Ksar Ghilaine /Chinini/ Djerba
On your way to Djerba, the Berber lifestyle, homes and tradition are interesting to observe. Stop to take pictures wherever you like or even to talk to the Nomads in their traditional Bedouin tents along the way.
Continue on to your hotel in Djerba via the ferry at Ajim.

Day 11: Djerba
This is an easy morning to spend at your leisure. After lunch (on your own) our driver and guide take you on a tour of the island. Visit Guellala, the pottery capital of the south, the age old Synagogue in the Jewish stronghold Erriadh and Houmt Souk, the capital of Djerba.

Day 12: Spa! Swim! Tan! Shop
This is your last day on this delightful island. Use it to your leisure.

Day 13: Tunis
After breakfast we transfer you to the Djerba/Zarzis airport for your flight to Tunis. In Tunis your driver will meet you. You have time to explore the city on your own.

Day 14: Departure
Your driver will transfer you to the Tunis airport to meet your international flight.


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