Three Beauties Of The Gobi (11n/12d)

Hustain Nuruu Protected Area

Hustain Nuruu Protected Area

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar,
Arrive in UB and transfer to 4 star hotel “Palace”. Check in. City tour, visit the Natural History Museum and Bogd Gegeen Winter Palace. Welcome dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2. Trans-Mongolian Railway, Western Gobi province
After breakfast leave UB and travel with Trans-Mongolian railway to Dorno Gobi Aimag (Western Gobi province). Lunch in the train restaurant. After 9 hours’ travel arrive in Sain Shand town, centre of Dorno Gobi province. Transfer to the local hotel “Shand Plaza Hotel”, dinner and overnight.

Day 3. Sain Shand, the centre town of Western Gobi
Breakfast at the hotel. Town tour, visit the Provincial Museum and the Museum of Danzan Ravjaa, the great 19th century artist-prince. After lunch, transfer to the ger tourist camp “ Shand” located 14 km from province centre. Early afternoon drive to the Hamriin hiid monastery located 20 km south of tourist camp. Visit the 108 caves with dinosaur eggs and petrified trees. Drive to Saxaul Forest and White sand. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight in the traditional Mongolian gers.

Day 4. From Western Gobi to South Gobi, Mandakh sum sites
Breakfast at the camp . Driving with jeeps to Mandakh sum (160 km). After arriving in Mandakh sum visit the ruins of Olgiin hiid, once one of the most important monasteries in southern Mongolia. After, visit the petrified forest of Suikhet located 12km from Olgiin hiid. Formed in the Mesozoic era, these are the petrified fallen trunks of giant trees. Picnic lunch in Suikhet, then drive to Omnogobi aimag (South Gobi province). On the way overnight in tents. Open air dinner.

Day 5. Yoliin am National park, experience the nomadic lifestyle
Early breakfast. Drive to Dalanzadgad , centre of Southgobi province. Transfer to the “Khanbogd “ tourist camp. After lunch, excursion to Yol Valley (Eagle Valley) National Park. Back at our camp and visit a family of camel breeders for photo opportunities, a camel riding session and to experience the nomadic lifestyle. Dinner and overnight in the gers.

Day 6. Hongoriin els, Adag nuur, camel riding training
After breakfast, drive to the Hongoriin els sand dunes (190 km). Light snacks on the way. Arrive at the tourist camp “Tovshin-2” near (17 km) the famous singing sand dunes. After the lunch, excursion to the nearby Lake Adag Nuur and visit a local camel breeding family to learn about the traditional nomadic lifestyle, also you will train in the fine art of camel riding. Dinner and overnight in the ger camp.

Day 7. Camel riding tour to Seruun bulag oasis
Breakfast. Rouse yourself and your camel for the ride (total length of ride is about 30 km) to Seruun Bulag oasis near the Hongoriin Gol river. Return to the camp for lunch and enjoy a peaceful evening in the beautiful surrounds of Gobi Desert. Dinner and overnight in the ger camp.

Day 8. Bayanzag, Ongiin hiid temple in the Middle Gobi
Early breakfast at the camp. Start to drive to Ongiin Hiid, in the Dund Gobi aimag (Middle Gobi province). On the way explore the world famous Flaming Cliffs (Bayan Zag), the Gobi Dinosaurs “cemetery” and the trails of paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews. On the way, picnic lunch by Ulaan Nuur (Red Lake). After arriving, dinner and overnight in the Ongi Ger camp in the Middle Gobi, on the banks of Ongi river.

Day 9. Baga gazriin chuluu, Khukh burd sum temple
Breakfast. Drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu, interesting granite rock formations, and visit the ruins of Khukh burd sum temple (196 km). On the way visit the Gimpil Darjaalan Monastery. Lunch at our Middle Gobi camp. Afternoon is horse riding away from the camp. Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Day 10. Hustain Nuruu Protected Area in the Central province
Breakfast. Drive to Hustain Nuruu Protected Area (166 km) in the Tuv aimag (Central province). Lunch in a ger camp. After lunch visit the local museum with exhibitions of the flora and fauna of the Hustain protected area. Drive to Hustain Pike to see Przewalski wild horses ( takhi) in their natural habitat (5 km). Return to camp for a dinner of real Mongolian stone roast barbeque (khorkhog).

Day 11. Ulaanbaatar, shopping, evening show
Drive to Ulaanbaatar, Shopping Tour, lunch and an evening performance of folk singing and dancing. Farewell dinner and overnight in Palace hotel.

Day 12. Ulaanbaatar
Breakfast at the hotel and departure.

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