Salalah (2n/3d)

Following the Frankinsence Trail will give you a glipse of the ancient past of Muscat

Following the Frankincense Trail will give you a glipse of the ancient past of Muscat

Day 01:
Morning flight from Muscat to Salalah or from Dubai to Salalah. After arrival we visit the Museum for a guided tour of its display on archaeology, history and heritage from the Dhofar Region. Drive to the hotel for check-in. In the afternoon we drive to town passing Al Baleed the site for an ancient harbour that is now being excavated. Walk along the Sultan’s Palace to the Frankincense Souk. Dhofar is well known for its perfume oils and incense and in the souk all the best fragrances of the Orient come together. We visit the gold souk to see the typical Dhofari jewellery. Our last stop is at the 14 footprints of the Prophet Saleh’s sacred camel. Overnight / Breakfast in Salalah

Day 02:
In the morning discover Eastern Dhofar – The Frankincense Trail. We stop at Ayn Razat, located at the foot of the Qara Mountains, with its natural springs, rich plants and flowers. Continue up the mountains, home of the Jebalis and their large herds of camel and cattle. In Sumhuram archaeological excavation site we inspect the ruins of this old frankincense port city and its store rooms. Continue along the coast and stop at Bin Ali Mosque and the grave of one holy man buried here in the 14th Century. Proceed to Mirbat, the former trading place for horses, and stroll around the old part of the town to admire the beautiful architecture and the old Dhofari houses. While returning to Salalah we stop at Taqa’s wonderful white sandy beach. In the afternoon explore Western Dhofar – Wonders of Nature. Drive across the impressive Qara Mountains and head south where the mountains turn lush green to reach Hiob’s Tomb, visited by Islamic pilgrims. We stop at frankincense trees and a bird sanctuary before reaching Mughsayl Beach, well-known for its blow holes, a natural wonder where the sea bursts up dramatically in regular intervals during high tide. Return to Salalah town and enjoy dinner in a typical local restaurant. Overnight / Breakfast in Salalah

Day 03:
At leisure until return flight to Muscat / or return flight to Dubai – or extension in Salalah

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