A pair of Sadhus (Holy Men)

A pair of Sadhus (Holy Men)

Nestled against the Himalayas, Nepal is a fascinating destination for those who enjoy trekking, animal sightseeing, as well as religious, cultural and historical tours. A deeply religious country Nepal is home to some of the most holy buddhist sites . Its natural reserves such as Chitwan are paragons in conservation, and Everest and the Himalayas are beacons to  mountaineers world over. So if you want to experience a country like no other, then consider Nepal.


Nepal Short Stop (3n/4d)
Nepal Vistas (5n/6d)
Nepal Highlights (7n/8d)
Nepal Insights (9n/10d)
Nepal Panorama (14n/15d)
Nepal Buddhist Circuit (6n/7d)

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