Discover Northern Chile (3n/4d)

Chungara Lake in Northern Chile

Chungara Lake in Northern Chile

Day 1 Arica
Arrival at Chacalluta airport in Arica.  Assistance and transfer to selected hotel. During the afternoon, city tour of Arica.  Lodging.

Day 2 Arica – Lauca National Park – Chungara Lake – Putre
Full day tour (SIB) The tour leaves from the hotel towards the El Lauca National Park crossing the Lluta Valley to observe the geoglyphs in the slopes of the hills to arrive in the town of Poconchile to appreciate its church. Tour around the town of Socoroma. Visit to the Lauca National Park, a genuine sanctuary of nature, place of the Chungará Lake, the highest lake in the world, (4,500 m above the sea level). In its calm waters, the Parinacota, Pomerape, Quinchazata and Guallatire volcanoes are reflected, with their permanent fumaroles and, also in this spectacular landscape, hundreds of guanacos, alpacas, vicunas, llamas and vizcachas rest. Lunch and tour of the town of Putre. Return to Arica. Lodging.

Day 3 Arica – Azapa Valley
Half day tour to this fertile Valley bordering the Sombrero Hill with its panels of geoglyphs.  Visit to the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa, which shows the ancient heritage of the surrounding area. Permanent and temporarty exhibitions display mummies, such as the Chinchorro, some of the oldest in the world, which are approximately 7,600 years old.

Day 4 Arica
Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

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